Enter Trulia’s Drive It Home Sweepstakes Today

Have you ever kept a secret so huge you thought it was eating you alive? Well for me this has been that secret (insert massive sigh of relief).

Next month the Trulia team is giving away our biggest gift ever. You read the headline right. One lucky agent is going to drive home a fully loaded Mercedes E550 – and make me a little jealous in the process.


Your reputation is your business and we know the best clients out there scrutinize every detail when they’re choosing an agent. So to help you show off your success and savvy, we’re giving you a better way to be seen and to chauffer your clients around.

How to Enter: Update Your Profile to Win

Contest is entry is pretty simple. For your chance to ride off in the shiny new Mercedes visit www.trulia.com/drive and update your Trulia Profile before 5pm PT on December 27.

Who Is This For?

In short: You! If you’re an agent we want to give you a better way to impress your clients; first, with a Trulia Profile that sells. And second, with a free new car.

The Car!!! A Fully Loaded 2013 Mercedes E550

The lucky agent winner with an awesome Trulia profile will take a home a 2013 Mercedes E550 with all of the bells and whistles.

Take a second to drool over the photo …

Now go to http://www.trulia.com/drive and enter to win the Trulia Mercedes Sweepstakes now.