Before Amanda and her fiancé John became husband and wife, the couple shared a condo in San Francisco, CA that John had purchased prior to the relationship.

“It was a total bachelor pad. It has a mini fridge and a mini freezer!” said Amanda.

Amanda Livinghood ImageAfter sticking it out for one too many years, Amanda decided to start looking for a home for the couple to buy shortly after they officially got married. It was time to say goodbye to the bachelor pad once and for all!

Once homeownership was in sight, Amanda and John decided to leave the city life and settle for the suburb of Lafayette, CA. To see what was on the market they used various different real estate web sites, their favorite being Trulia.

“After using tons of other options, Trulia had the best interface and gave the best results,” shared Amanda.

Amanda would keep Trulia open throughout the day – even at work (shhhhh) – and scan listings when she had a free minute. Once she started poking around the site she realized that they needed to broaden their search from single-family homes to include townhomes.

“Our search was pretty narrow at first and nothing was coming back that we liked. Trulia made it easy to adjust criteria and track new types of homes. That really helped a lot.”

Then, one day, it happened. Amanda found a great candidate – however, it was just not love at first sight. The home was dated and needed work. Amanda and John felt they needed that extra push to seal the deal before moving forward with the fixer-upper.

“We wanted to put an offer on the home but not before researching the neighborhood first. That would really make it for us. I turned to Trulia Local to see if there was public transportation nearby, if it had good schools and was close proximity to downtown.”

After researching the surrounding areas, the couple felt confident about moving forward with the home. They put their bachelor pad condo up for sale, submitted an offer on the new property, and days later were the proud new owners of a home near Lafayette, CA.

“We’re really happy. It’s really the quality Trulia provides that makes it so user friendly.”

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