At Trulia, we’re interested in learning about buyers and sellers just like you. That means every once-in-a-while we embark on a data dig that unearths hidden truths that can help you engage more clients and us make our site better.

Here are a few golden finds from one of our recent explorations into late 2012 search trends that could help you generate more business: 

1. Respond to every lead like it’s hot

The top stat from our recent user survey is that more than 73% of Trulia’s users are looking to buy and/or sell their homes. That means the real estate leads you’re engaging, no matter where they are in the process, are real.

If you’re serious about generating, be sure to respond to these leads fast and with a winning lead response plan.

2. Add more photos

We cant emphasis enough how important pictures are to potential buyers and renters. Our research showed it’s the first thing Trulia visitors look at and 84% of the visitor users we surveyed said they won’t consider buying a listing that doesn’t display photos.

That means to really catch the serious clients you need to do two things. First, add at least 6 photos to your listing today. If you need help, check out our video on how to add photos and other details to your listings.  Second, check out this hot list of listing photo mistakes you can’t afford to make.

PS: Not only do you need photos, the survey showed quantity, quality, and what’s in the photos all have an effect on a users likely hood to pursue buying and click “Contact Agent.” Keep an eye on the Trulia Pro Facebook page; we’ll be sharing more insight on listing photos there soon.

3. Engage on Mobile

53% of the Trulia users we surveyed search for their homes using their mobile devices.

Whether browsing for potential new homes, reviewing the homes that they have saved on Trulia, or looking at comparable homes, their Smartphones and tablets were important part of the process.

In fact, most mobile users we surveyed use mobile real estate applications on a fairly regular weekly basis, some as often as everyday. People use these apps in a myriad of different places, but do so the most at home, the office, or the work place.

If you want to catch these clients when their looking or while they’re hot, check out Trulia Mobile Ads in your area for an easy way to generate more real estate leads from mobile.

4. Take the Stress Out of Search with Alerts

Wondering what buyers think is the most stressful part of the home buying process? Users surveyed said the top three stress points were of the home search process were

  • locating the right house,
  • figuring out their financial options, and
  • finding the right agent.

You can take the stress out of all three by taking three easy actions:

Step 1: Update your Trulia Profile to make sure the buyers and sellers searching in your area are finding you.

Step 2: Make sure you’ve downloaded the Trulia Mortgage App for an easy way to offer financing stats and advice on the go.

Step 3: Make sure you’re setting up your new leads with custom property search alerts so they can stay in the loop when the latest listings appear on Trulia.

We hope these facts help you generate more clients. If there are more buyer and seller data you’d like for us to dig for, let us know in the comments below.