Your business is trying to tell you something. Either you’re about to have up the best real estate fall you’ve ever seen or you’ve got some serious work to do to stay afloat.

Here are five signs you’re in great shape heading into this fall and adjustments you can make to get there if things aren’t exactly “looking up.”

1. Profile Views and Traffic Are Up

Tomorrow’s clients are today’s web visitors. Check your Trulia profile and other web analytics to get a handle on your traffic trends. If you’re seeing more or stable web views, you’re likely in good shape. If things are taking a dip, it may be time to blog, share, or create other content that give real estate lurkers a reason to stop by your profile or website.

2. Your Past Clients Are Feeling Nurtured

According to NAR’s 2013 Buyer and Seller Profile, nearly half of agents were chosen based on a referral. That means prospects aren’t the only ones you should be nurturing. Whether they are anniversary cards, neighborhood updates, or home valuation reports, if you’re staying in touch then you’re on track to have a great fall.

3. You’re Trying Something New

One of the biggest real estate lessons of the past few years is that change is really the only constant in the life—and business. That means you should always be looking for new ways to ensure your business’ future. If you’re experimenting with new cutting edge products like Trulia Seller Ads and other tools that help you track your marketing ROI and generate high-quality leads, you’re headed in the right direction.

4. You’ve (Actually) Closed the Computer

Online lead generation is a must, but your marketing mix should include some community face time. Whether it’s PTA meetings, golf tournaments, or other events that bring your community together, get out there and show face. This has two major benefits. Your prospects will feel more connected when they see your ads or emails and you can farm content for sharing online that reinforces your position has the neighborhood expert.

5. You’ve Got the Latest Lead-Handling Tools

Traffic, tools, and referrals are great, but if you can’t handle the leads when they are coming then your business is at risk. If you don’t already have them, here are three great tools that help with lead handling to help with faster response and staying on top of your nurturing this fall:

These five signs mean more deals this fall, but they aren’t the only ones. What signs do you see that usually mean you have a great season ahead?

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