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7-Day Lead Conversion Plan: Building Your Pipeline All Year Long

Erin Renzas
October 20, 2014

When it comes to the fall and winter seasons, you need to do everything you can to keep your business booming all the way through the end of the year. Do you have a strategy for turning your leads into real-world clients?

How you respond to and manage your leads can be the difference between a closed deal and a missed opportunity. But knowing how to make a stellar impression and engage a lead can be a challenge. With this 7-day action plan, you can master the smart strategies that will help you convert your leads to
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5 Myths About Mega Producers

Colleen Fischesser
October 13, 2014

Mega real estate producers are an enigma. They have secrets, and magic formulas and know things the rest of us don’t, which is why they’re so much more successful than everyone else, right?

Ironically, some of the biggest myths misconceptions about top producers are also the biggest reasons many agents don’t and won’t ever achieve that level of success.

So what separates those big fish from the smaller fish in the proverbial real estate pond?

Two words: attitude and belief.

Success starts with attitude and belief—or in some cases, success is stalled because of attitude and self-limiting beliefs. continue reading

Real Estate Mailers – Strategy and Best Practices

Learn professional strategies and best practices for real estate mailersNobody likes junk mail. However, consumers respond to junk mail enough that it is still worthwhile to send “good” marketing mail. That is, only send mail that’s relevant, readable and targeted.

And to do that, you’ll have to do your homework. One size fits all, cookie-cutter approaches from the home office don’t cut it anymore. If you don’t plan out your mailing campaigns and integrate them into an overall prospecting and marketing strategy, they are unlikely to help you much – and may even hurt you.

Here are some key strategies to developing real estate mailers that will put money back in your pocket, instead of just costing you the stamp money coming out of it.

Define Your Unique Value Proposition

Your unique value proposition, or UVP, defines what you can do for your customer that is difficult for anyone else to do. It establishes a compelling reason for customers to do business with you, personally. If you can’t define what your UVP is, why should anyone be loyal to you or refer friends to you, over other agents working in the area?
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15 Real Estate Newsletter Mistakes – And How to Avoid Them

A good real estate newsletter is a crucial device in any agent’s toolbox. It serves several vital functions:

  • It gets your name and brand in front of prospects when you can’t be there personally.
  • It promotes “top of mind” awareness. When a consumer decides to call an agent, the one most likely to come to mind is the one they’ve been hearing from.
  • It gives potential clients a reason to log onto your website, with your listings.
  • Good content can brand you as an expert on topics of importance to them.

A great newsletter, however, can do even more for the agent. But first, let’s look at some common mistakes agents make with newsletters that could cause them to backfire.

1. Hiding Behind Your Real Estate Newsletter

Agents must avoid these real estate newsletter mistakesYes, your newsletter is important. But you can’t credit time spent on creating and distributing it as time spent prospecting. Your newsletter is not prospecting. Your newsletter is a tool to make prospecting more effective. Never sacrifice prospecting time to work on your newsletter.
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All About Swag: 7 Great Real Estate Promotional Products

cost-effective real estate promotional products agents can use to generate leadsAmericans love swag. And if you look at the big consumer brands out there, they are constantly looking for ways to get their logos in the hands of consumers.

Any real estate agent can learn a lot from walking into a bar. Take a look around the place: the coasters, the mirrors on the wall, and even the bathroom. You will see logos at every turn. You’ll see them on the taps – well-known beers sell a lot based on tap handle recognition, and some have even gained market share due to a distinctive tap handle.

How does this happen? It’s not because bar owners ran out and bought a bunch of coasters and mirrors that all happened to be marked “Bud Light.” The bar doesn’t care whether you drink Budweiser or Miller, as long as you drink! Most of the promotional items you see come from beer and liquor distribution companies, who will fall all over themselves trying to establish their “brand” as an integral part of the identity of the bar.

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5 Under-the-Radar Sources for the Best Fall and Winter Clients

Erin Renzas
September 30, 2014

When it comes to real estate, we have entered what is often referred to as “the slow season,” but for smart agents there is never a down time. You need to know how to master the art of off-season lead generation to help you meet the best buyers and sellers in your market this winter.

It’s never too late to have your best year yet!

Take the cue from top agents and master the skill of generating buyer and seller leads—whatever time of year it is! Here are a few under-the-radar sources of year-end buyers and sellers. Leverage their power to finish the year out strong.

In this free guide, you’ll learn where your top clients may be hiding—from targeting investors to exploring early-year expired listings.

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4 Easy and Actionable Real Estate Prospecting Ideas

Show me a successful agent and I’ll show you someone who’s not afraid to prospect.

easy and actionable real estate prospecting ideas
Sure, we all know the kid with a rich family or someone who got lucky early. But they don’t stay lucky for long. Nobody does, not without putting in the work. There’s a saying among musicians: If you are very, very talented and work very, very hard, you can increase your chances of being lucky.

Great real estate prospectors, from the outside, look like they manufacture luck. But in reality, it’s just about feeding the pipeline, and then working a system.

You can have the greatest system in the world, but you need contacts to feed into it – people who want or need to buy or sell or rent or lease real estate.

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5 Real Estate Terms Your Clients Just Don’t Understand

Jovan Hackley
September 23, 2014

When a transaction tanks, there’s usually one common culprit to blame: Miscommunication. Too often clients and customers trade in lingo they really don’t understand; and, while you may be telling them the truth, it’s going over their heads and pointing you toward transaction disaster.

In hopes of helping you avoid the derailed deal during this year’s make it or break it market season, here are five terms to go over early to avoid a negative review or, even worst, a deal gone down the drain:

1. Good Faith Estimate

In a dream world there are no surprises on the way to closing. Here on planet Earth anything can change at any time. A frequent stress point where clients get caught in the cross-hairs of the sometimes inevitable is the good faith estimate. continue reading

8 Real Estate Marketing Ideas You Can Pursue Now

real estate agents and buyers

1. Start a Newsletter

This takes a little work, but it can be a great community project – and a good thing for a non-licensed assistant to work on. Your newsletter can focus on hyperlocal items of interest to small business owners, parents, retirees, or whatever market you feel comfortable with. My experience is the more local the issue the better. Stay away from big national, state, or even county topics, unless you can find an angle that applies to your neighborhood.

A newsletter is a valuable tool that you can use to reach out and ‘touch’ your contacts with. When you have a productive appointment with someone, ask them if you can send them your neighborhood newsletter. Then you can use this newsletter as a direct mail tool and email it.

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5 No-Pain Strategies for Getting Testimonials and Online Reviews

Colleen Fischesser
September 18, 2014

Years ago if you’d wanted to find a new service provider, say a dentist or dog groomer, you’d probably have asked a friend for a referral, but these days, nearly everyone is going online to not only find nearby businesses but to research and evaluate them.

Online reviews and testimonials are the best way for any business to demonstrate a track record of happy, successful clients. But asking past clients for testimonials can seem awkward. After all, it’s our job to help them, and now suddenly we’re asking them to help us! I liken it to exercise. We know it’s good for us, but for some reason rarely make it a priority.

It’s not enough to just be in business anymore. In the past you’d hear, “Hey my uncle’s in real estate, you should give him a call.” Now you need to be proactively managing your reputation—online and off. What’s more—it’s no longer enough to just have an online presence. Consumers want more! They are going online to find an agent, but they also want to know why they should hire you. They are looking for a reason to—or in many cases, a reason not to—take the next step. continue reading