A day in the life of a real estate agent can be glamorous, can’t it? Showing homes in 113 degree temperatures, running away from dogs that weren’t mentioned in the showing instructions, finding unexpected naked people in the bathroom while showing the master bath.

Recently my mother, a Realtor in Santa Cruz County, called me. “I just showed 4,000 square feet of poop”, she said. “Literally. I walked through the house and it was covered in dog poop. In every room, there were piles and piles and piles of poop.” Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? She managed to impress her clients by touring the entire property, poop and all. It’s no shock her clients didn’t write on that one.

Or how about going to check on your listing, only to find it had burned down, as Andy Kaufman and his My East Bay Agent Team in Berkeley, California did. Too bad, as they had just accepted an offer on the property only the day before.

You have heard the gruesome horror stories. You have probably lived them. Yet often, some people think being a real estate agent is all champagne wishes and caviar dreams and commission checks. It’s a tough job, particularly in this market climate where long escrows, long listing periods and short sales a plenty are more likely to be the norm than robust commission checks and quick sales.

We thought it would be fun to hear your stories of “The Glamorous Life of A Real Estate Agent”. A day in the life of an agent can be a wacky one. Have a story to share? Briefly share it below in the comments. We may feature it in future posts.

Go ahead. What’s your story?