Conventional real estate wisdom has often advised buyers and sellers that once winter comes around, they might as well pack it in, hunker down and wait till warmer weather to get serious about getting their transactions closed. But there are some hidden benefits to taking the contrarian approach and doubling down on the house hunt right now while the winter season is in full swing:

1. Lower dream home competition.

Conventional real estate wisdom pegs the summer months as the hottest months of the year, because families with children prefer to move into their new homes before September and the bad weather and holiday festivities keep house hunting to a minimum, during the winter.

So, if you do kick your house hunt into high gear right now, you’ll face fewer competitors. And that means fewer multiple offers and a lower likelihood of being outbid.

2. Uber-motivated sellers.

Though there are fewer buyers and sellers out there right now, those who are active tend to be highly, highly motivated.

The sellers who are willing to clear the whole family out of the house when everyone else is hunkered down are motivated to get their homes sold – and ready to entertain your offer to make that happen…

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