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Tara-Nicholle Nelson

Tara-Nicholle Nelson

Trulia’s In-House Demystifyer of All Things Real Estate

Tara is a real estate broker, attorney, author of two real estate guides for women, and a nationally syndicated real estate columnist. She’s also a farmer’s market addict, mom to two Chin/Pugs, and an Ashtanga yoga practitioner.

5 Reasons You’re Losing Listings

The top of the funnel is the easiest part to focus on, because it’s the one where our efforts show the most instant and obvious results. More advertising leads to more calls. More calls lead to more listing appointments. There’s only one problem with this strategy: if you can’t convert listing appointments to actual listings, […]

7 Hidden Reasons Buyers Hate Homes

If you’ve shown many homes, you might have noticed that some home buyers have a love-hate relationships with the properties they see. They either fall madly in love with a place, finding no faults, or are totally disgusted, even outraged that you would dare show them something so terrible. Quelle horreur!

3 Summer Buyer Mistakes that Drive You Bonkers

If you’ve been in the business for even a short time, you’ve probably suffered alongside a buyer client through the process of being “educated by the market,” so to speak. See, some buyers brief themselves on the market by reading up online, looking at the comps and factoring their agent’s advice into their plan of […]

7 Real Estate Riders that Should Exist, but Don’t

One of an agent’s biggest jobs is spotting and interpreting the signs that point to the right transaction or deal. When it comes to reading people, things can be easy because eventually they’ll tell you what you need to know. Unfortunately listings don’t… but what if they did? What if they’d tell you what you […]

6 (Surprisingly Affordable!) Luxury Features Buyers Love

Modest. Affordable. Starter. There is no shortage of words we use to describe a home that cost less than the average in an area. But no matter how —shall we say,budget-friendly—a listing is, or how constrained the buyer’s wallet may be, every home-owner hopeful still has the wish-list of luxury features that they simply think […]

7 Signs of a Soon-to-Be Super Hot Market (and Why You Can’t Ignore Them!)

Real Estate is an industry that’s all about your hyper-local expertise. As an agent, you specialize in specific zip codes, home types, client types—you name it. This industry is as much about niche specialties as it gets. That said, if you want to be the agent who blows away the competition and makes your business […]

The 3 Summer Sellers You Need to Know

The happening summer selling season is here, but that doesn’t mean things are going to be easy. The last five years have been an emotional rollercoaster for those of us in the real estate business, but they’ve been just as neck-snapping for those we serve. Today’s sellers were yesterday’s upside-down homeowners and the prior generation […]

4 Property Flaws that Will Block Offers this Summer

In my experience, there’s one fundamental truth about house-hunting: you can never fully escape the haters. That’s right. The haters. The only way to live a 100% hater-free life is to never stick your neck out, and never do anything because, as the saying goes, you simply cannot please all of the people all of […]

7 Seller Personality Disorders that Can Cost Agents

Psychological Red Flags That Mean You Should Not Take the Listing Every agent knows that being an armchair therapist is part of the job. You have to hold the space for people to make major decisions about their money, their homes, their families and their lives in the context of the transaction they work with […]

8 Listing Bloopers to Avoid this Spring + Summer

I once read an MLS property description that read simply: “This place is a mess!” The photos proved the agent’s point, though the uber-low list price compensated for the near-condemnable condition of the property. Few things in our industry give agents as good a laugh as an egregious online property listing. Here are some bloopers […]