Glitz and Glamour in the Empire State: The Homes of New York’s Famous Residents

Posted by Joe  |  September 11, 2012  |  9:42 pm  |  Tags: , , , , , , , , , ,

When it comes to high-priced celebrity real estate, we’re in a New York state of mind. New York City is best known as “The Big Apple” and “The City That Never Sleeps,” but it’s also a hot bed of incredible, jaw-dropping real estate.

High in the sky in Manhattan, celebrities live in perfect penthouses, dazzling duplexes and amazing apartments with price tags up to $100 million and climbing. Out East in the Hamptons, the homes, the parties and price tags get bigger and better as you approach the coast.

For celebrities living and working in NY, a swanky pad is a must-have to keep up with fellow celebs, socialites and business moguls who understand image is everything. Lucky for the rest of us, that means east-coast real estate eye candy for our viewing pleasure, available to you now in a hot, New York minute.

Let’s take a look inside some of the glitzy homes of New York‘s famous residents made up of notable athletes, actors, musicians and industry personalities.

Hover over the stars on the map above to check out what celebs are currently running New York’s real estate scene. Click the stars to check out more juicy details!