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5 Questions To Ask Potential Roommates

Ah, roommates. Sometimes you can't afford to live without 'em—but it's not so easy to live with them. I'm a big advocate of a roommate agreement, through which everyone in the apartment sets up policies about utilities, pets, parking, etc. But even...

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Ten key questions to ask a prospective roommate

Choosing a roommate isn't exactly as important a decision as choosing a spouse, but the decision has similar ramifications in the short term: The way you live, work, eat, relax, and plan financially can be directly affected by the person with whom you live. Although...

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Ten key questions to ask a prospective landlord

Like it or not, your new landlord is going to be a part of your life for as long as you're living under his or her roof -- the better you're able to get a sense of his or her character and the terms of the lease, the more prepared you'll be to get comfortable...

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How do I get rid of a roommate who isn't a good fit?

Life deals us a lot of cards, most of which seem to be utterly random, a few of which are aces, and a few of which are total stinkers. Sometimes through strange circumstances (subletting, boyfriend/girlfriend relationships, deceptive appearances) you may find...

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Sharing food with roommates

There's no getting around it: food makes people emotional, and emotional roommates equal challenging roommates. Even if you're sharing living quarters with three equally-sized people with the same budgets and tastes and no eating disorders or special dietary...

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How to live in harmony with roommates

Many people look back on their roommate days and wonder how they ever survived. But some people look back on renting with actual fondness -- it's a rare chance in life to live collectively with people who may be friends or strangers, and try to figure out...

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How to become a better roommate

Getting along with roommates can be a delicate dance -- some days, it's as easy as kicking back and hooting comments at "American Idol" together, and other days it's a matter of picking undergarments off the kitchen floor and trying to track down their original...

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Roommates gone bad

Living with other people doesn't always work out -- here are a few cautionary tales to consider before signing that lease. The Phantom Alex lived in a three-bedroom Boston-area apartment that featured a rotating cast of roommates, all of whom tended to get...

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Five common roommate conflicts and how to avoid them

Conflict is almost a given if you're living with roommates. That said: taking a little bit of time to lay down ground rules for your house or apartment can prevent a world of arguments, complaining, and passive aggressive hassle down the line. Here are five...

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Dealing with roommates: who gets the "good" bedroom?

Few things start fights (or feed simmering resentment) like unequally divided bedrooms in a shared house or apartment. Where you live in a house or apartment has a major impact on your life. Does it put you closer to street noise? Does it give you a big walk-in...

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A roommate is moving out; how to handle a shared property

One of the most regularly contentious issues among roommates is what to do with all that junk you shared in common in the house or apartment, and have to somehow divide now that everyone is going his or her separate way. It's difficult not to get emotional...

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How to get your roommate to do his or her chores

Fail to do your chores, and the house falls apart -- soon, you're living in a smelly, cluttered wreck of a place, and the landlord is banging on the door with an eviction notice. But lacking a system, chores tend to fall into a nasty cycle -- one roommate,...

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Roommates of the opposite sex

Not so many generations ago in America, the situation of roommates of opposite genders wasn't really much of an issue -- it was understood that two people of different genders would generally get up to no good, and that only physical separation -- and some...

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Renting with roommates

Renting with one or more roommates is a great way to score an appealing apartment or house at a relatively low price. When roommates are already friends, there's a degree of trust and you probably share a similar social circle, meaning you may already know...

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