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Review offers and close the deal

Evaluating and responding to different offers

Congratulations - you have received an offer on your home! So how can you evaluate and respond to the offer in a way that protects your interests but doesn't send buyers running for the hills? The first thing to remember is that all offers are good. Why?...

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Helping buyers avoid "buyer's remorse"; the hidden deal killer

Do you remember the last big ticket item you purchased? Maybe it was a new car, a jet ski, or a brand new Harley Davidson. If you're like most people, as soon as you brought home your new toy you probably felt a pang of distress, a voice in the back of your...

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Hidden costs you should know about

One of the worst things that can happen to you as a seller is to walk away from closing with less than what you expected. As most homeowners need the proceeds of their sale to fund other major purchases, like a replacement home, every nickel counts. So how...

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How does the closing process work?

It would be great if closing a real estate transaction was like buying a new bike or TV, just cruise through the aisles, pick your favorite model and head for the register. But this just isn't the case. Real estate transactions are complex and involve as many...

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The top five reasons sales fail (and how to avoid them)

Selling a home can often be one of the most emotionally draining events in a person's life. Where a seller might be swinging from the rafters with glee one day at having finally found a buyer willing to write an offer, they can be drowning in tears the next...

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Re-negotiating the sale: how and when sales are renegotiated

Standing on your lawn three days ago you shook hands with the buyer. Everyone was smiling and laughing and you thought you had a deal. But now suddenly the buyer wants to re-negotiate the sale. Should you tell the buyer to go fly a kite or is it better to...

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What is the right offer for my home?

It finally happened. You received an offer on your home! But is it the right offer? Should you accept it or should you tell the potential buyer to go fly a kite? What is your best strategy? To help answer these questions let's take a look at how experienced...

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Five ways to deal with a transaction crisis

Have you ever had the sinking feeling that you were lost? Maybe as you kid you wandered off in a department store and soon found yourself among strangers in a strange land. What was your first instinct - to run, to start crying, to scream? As a homeowner...

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Contract through closing

Once you have your property under contract, you can proceed towards closing. Three things need to happen before you can close. First, the buyer's lender must produce the funds. Second, your mortgage, or any other lien on the title, needs to be paid off. Third,...

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