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Home selling strategies

How to price your home right

Why didn't your neighbor's home sell? The home is in a good location with a corner lot and a large landscaped yard, plus it's a newer home with all of the plush amenities a buyer could want like an open floor plan, spacious bedrooms, and high grade cabinets...

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Is an auction the right thing for you?

Across the country thousands of homes are being auctioned off every month. Often these are properties that are bank owned, distressed properties, tax foreclosures, or in some cases owned by homeowners or investors who need to sell quickly. Watching as these...

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Top 10 tips to sell your home for top dollar

Hey - isn't this the worst real estate downturn since the Great Depression? If that's true how are some sellers still able to successfully beat the odds and sell for top dollar despite the market conditions? The answer is that they employ time tested and market...

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When should you drop the price?

It's a tough call. Naturally you want to do everything in your power to avoid giving up any hard won equity in your home, so adjusting the price is always a last resort. The question is - What's the best timing? How long do you wait from the time your home...

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10 Selling incentives to motivate buyers in a down economy

Everyone likes a bargain, a sale, or a giveaway. What's not to like? In real estate sales incentives can be a great way to motivate a reluctant buyer to take the plunge and consider making an offer on your home despite the current economic downturn. So as...

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Using the power of price points

Imagine yourself as a homebuyer. You are excited and motivated to begin looking at homes in your local market, so like most home buyers you hop online or head down to a local real estate office to begin your search. In either case you will probably do something...

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Adjusting to the market: Five red flags to watch for

Something has gone haywire. You put your home on the market over three months ago and you haven't yet received an offer. You thought you did everything right. You listened to your agent by following his advice on pricing, completing a few home improvement...

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Price vs time: Measuring your motivation

Pick a price, any price for your home. Now wait. Eventually, someday, someone will probably be willing to pay you that price. The question is - Do you have the time or the desire to wait for that to happen or would you rather sell your home now for a reduced...

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Five ways to research your local real estate market

Is now a good time to sell your home? In today's highly competitive real estate market this question is more relevant than ever before. After all you don't want to walk into a firing squad when you put your home on the market (but if you must, you want to...

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The seven deadly sins of overpricing

"We can always go down, but we can't go up." If you're selling your home this statement has probably crossed your lips at least once. But when it comes to setting a pricing strategy for your home, is it a good idea to start high and work your way down, especially...

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Five ways to avoid foreclosure

Over the last few years, as real estate values have plummeted and the overall economy has slipped into recession, foreclosures have been on the rise. Perhaps you or someone you know is facing the imminent threat of losing their home. Don't despair - in this...

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What is the difference between short sale and foreclosure?

If you have found yourself behind on mortgage payments recently, chances are you have been anxiously debating your next step. Do you let the bank take the home back, hand them the keys, and ride off into the sunset, or do you think more creatively and consider...

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