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Getting a loan

What is a pre-approval and why do you need it?

When shopping for a home, you're going to be asked at some point whether you've been "pre-approved" or whether you have mortgage "pre-approval." You're going to want to answer "yes" to these questions -- buyers who can are in a much better position to purchase...

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How to maintain a healthy credit score

When you're in the market to buy a home, your credit score is very important. Most lenders use this three-digit number (which is created by evaluating factors like how much debt you have, your payment history for things like credit cards and car loans, and...

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How much can you afford for a home?

How much you can afford is a main concern, if not the biggest question you'll have, when you begin shopping for a new home. If you are looking to buy a home, these steps will help you determine just how much you can spend on a home. Calculate the mortgage...

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How to afford a down payment

Saving for a down payment for a home is a big commitment -- and a tough one. You may be required to have as much as 20 percent down to purchase your own place -- if you were to buy a home for $200,000, that means you'll need to have at least $40,000 to purchase...

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Everything you need to know about points

Homebuyers looking to finance the purchase of a home with a mortgage have no doubt run into the term, "points." Just what are points, what do they do and how can they help? Read on for more information. Discount points are fees/pre-paid interest paid to a...

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Points on your mortgage settlement statement: What are they?

When you close on a home, you will be faced with a settlement statement. If you are taking out a mortgage to finance your home, that statement will include a mortgage settlement statement from your lender detailing the costs and fees associated with your loan....

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