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Rehab Las Vegas Properties and Tips For More Income

Posted by Wendi Williams, Las Vegas, NV Sun Nov 4, 2012

Here are some good tips on getting your property ready for tenant occupancy:

Don’t put earrings on a pig. Essentially, you want your property clean, fresh and simple. Gutting a home and putting granite counter-tops in a rental is plain foolish. Paint, carpet, clean appliances done. Focus on sturdy and simple. If you can afford it, put in tile over the linoleum in the kitchen, that kind of thing makes the property look nice and it’s a sturdy application.

Do not improve the back yard. Remove the dog turds and rake it up. Done. If you have existing plants, make sure the irrigation works so that the remaining plants have a fighting chance to survive. If it has grass, just let it die, you don’t have to remove it. The sun, wind and future tenants will eventually sandblast the yard to it’s original state.

Improve the front yard. Curb appeal improves your rent-ability and will make your neighbors really happy. Stick to plants that can survive a month without water. If you need suggestions, I will make them for you at the property.

Remove all source of odors. Lets face it. Women will make the final decision on occupying your property. If a woman smells anything funky, she won’t go past the entry. She won’t even look at the upgraded master bath. If your carpet looks great but smells like a casino, replace it. The next thing she will look at is the appliances. If grease covers your oven and there is a gallon of milk left behind by your last tenant, your done. You won’t be able to give your property away.

Keep the place clean. All it takes is one rebel cockroach to die in the middle of the kitchen floor to kill off a prospective tenant. A thorough cleaning of your property costs as little as $200 and will move your property 3 weeks faster. The investment is worth it.

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