Alarm in 94116, CA

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Compared to San Francisco Crime Distribution
Trulia helps you make smarter real estate decisions by helping you understand the hyper-local trends related to 94116 real estate, crime reports, maps and other data. The most dangerous intersections (city blocks) are the following: Dewey Boulevard and Laguna Honda Boulevard, 32nd Avenue and Taraval Street, 46th Avenue and Wawona Street, 37th Avenue and Pacheco Street, 20th Avenue and Taraval Street. Our data for 94116 includes 13 other crimes, 13 traffic, 1 weapons offense, 17 community policing, 1 death, 2 assault, 5 disorder, 1 theft, 4 pedestrian stop, 1 alarm, 1 missing person with 59 total crime points in 94116.

94116 vs San Francisco

community policing
pedestrian stop, traffic, theft, assault, weapons offense, alarm, disorder, missing person, death
robbery, liquor, vehicle recovery, assault with deadly weapon, other sexual offense, kidnapping

Most dangerous in 94116

Dewey Boulevard and Laguna Honda Boulevard (6)
32nd Avenue and Taraval Street (3)
46th Avenue and Wawona Street (3)
37th Avenue and Pacheco Street (2)
20th Avenue and Taraval Street (2)

Alarm in 94116

03/30/2013Alarm28th Avenue and Quintara Street
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