Burglary in 92118, CA

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Compared to San Francisco Crime Distribution
Trulia helps you make smarter real estate decisions by helping you understand the hyper-local trends related to 92118 real estate, crime reports, maps and other data. The most dangerous intersections (city blocks) are the following: 1st Street and Orange Avenue, 3rd Street and H Avenue, 8th Street and I Avenue, Alameda Boulevard and G Avenue, 4th Street and G Avenue. Our data for 92118 includes 5 arrest, 4 other crimes, 3 burglary, 3 theft, 1 assault, 3 vandalism with 19 total crime points in 92118.

92118 vs Coronado

vandalism, arrest, burglary
assault, theft
robbery, arson, vehicle stop, shooting, community policing, breaking & entering, pedestrian stop, missing person, property crime, liquor, theft from vehicle, drugs, traffic, theft of vehicle, alarm

Most dangerous in 92118

1st Street and Orange Avenue (3)
3rd Street and H Avenue (2)
8th Street and I Avenue (1)
Alameda Boulevard and G Avenue (1)
4th Street and G Avenue (1)

Burglary in 92118

04/22/2012Burglary4th Street and G Avenue
04/23/2012Burglary7th Street and H Avenue
10/23/2012Burglary9th Street and I Avenue

Crime types in 92118

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