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Trulia Testimonial – Tisza Major – Posner -2009 California Association of Realtors Expo

October 16, 2009

Last week I had the pleasure of catching up with my friend Tisza Major-Posner, who is a real estate agent at I.V.P.G. Realty and blogger at Route66Living, at the 2009 CAR – California Association of Realtors Expo in San Jose California. She shared a wonderful story with me about a client she met on Trulia Voices. She also shared some of her pet peeves regarding what is an appropriate and inappropriate way of engaging consumers on Trulia Voices. Bottom line – answer the consumers question directly and don’t try to over sell yourself.

Thanks for sharing Tisza!


Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Broker Helps Agents and Consumers on Trulia by Social Networking

August 28, 2009


Heather Burns is a Mortgage Broker with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. I was reading a blog she wrote on Active Rain titled Why Should I care about Social Networking? where she mentions how she has benefited from being proactive on Trulia Voices – our real estate social networking community.

“Trulia offered me a forum in which I could respond to consumers and other real estate professional alike.  In fact, this past week, I responded to several questions with regards to Wells Fargo’s requirements for Jumbo mortgage down payments. Because I was able to respond in a manner that allowed multiple people to view, I was able to generate several leads, and a preapproval. Had I been working within more traditional methods, such as email or telephone with just one individual, I would not have had the opportunity to speak with others who were in need of my assistance.”

Thanks for helping real estate agents and consumers with their mortgage related questions! We wish you continued success.

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Trulia Testimonial – Mark Wisterman – Broker/Owner of Realty World – Best Realty – Oroville California

June 22, 2009


Today, we’re sharing a Trulia Testimonial blog post by Mark Wisterman, a real estate Broker/Owner of Realty World – Best Realty in Oroville, California. In his most recent Trulia blog, he talks about the recent success he and his office have had on Trulia.

According to Mark:

As a rule I am normally not a big “endorsement” kind of guy. I am very protective of my reputation. I just feel that putting my reputation on the line to recommend a company that I do not have much experience with is not a good idea.

Today I am going to make an exception to my self imposed rule by telling you about my recent success with Trulia.

The top 5 takeaways are:

  1. Featured listings showing up on the top of the first 6-7 pages for Oroville, California property results pages
  2. Getting Quality Leads
  3. Opened one escrow from a Trulia lead last week
  4. One offer pending from a client who found Mark on Trulia
  5. Mark’s office had 6 property inquires from Trulia in one day

Check out Mark’s entire – Thank You Trulia – blog post on his Trulia Voices Blog.

Thanks for sharing your Trulia experiences with us. We wish you and your entire company continued success.


Trulia Testimonial – Ryan Shaughnessy, Real Estate Pro in Saint Louis, MO

March 2, 2009


This week we’re highlighting Ryan Shaughnessy, who is a Real Estate Broker/Attorney of Prea Signature Realty in Saint Louis, MO. In a recent blog, Ryan shared his Trulia Customer Service experience:

“…I explained my frustration with regarding one of our listings appearing on their site with with links directing prospects to our competitors for information on the property. The blog post was sent to Twitter via ActiveRain. Similar to Ms. Hunt, I had contacted customer service only to receive a generic reply indicating that a work order was being opened. However, Rudy of ActiveRain and Trulia fame saw the post on Twitter, read the blog post on ActiveRain, and rolled up his sleeves and dove right in. The issue was resolved in 24 hours. Again, it was an excellent example of customer service. Although I didn’t get flowers, chocolates or dog toys like Ms. Hunt, I did get great customer service. Similar to Ms. Hunt, I am a satisfied customer and will go out of my way to encourage our agents to use Trulia for their listings.”

Ryan, don’t forget to claim your Trulia Vanity URL. Thus far, we’ve had over 1,500 real estate professionals claim theirs.

We were happy to help you and thanks again for sharing your Trulia Customer Service experience with everyone. We’re always here for you.

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Trulia Testimonial – Karen Wenzel, Real Estate Pro in Milwaukee, WI

February 20, 2009


This week we’re featuring Karen Wenzel who is a real estate agent with Realty Executives-Integrity in Milwaukee, WI.  Karen is a Trulia Pro member and a big fan of Trulia Voices.

Here’s her testimonial:

“I started on Trulia Voices in December 2007.  I have learned so much from reading other agents and professional’s posts.  But in addition I have been able to track 4 sales this summer directly to my activity on Trulia.  I signed up for Trulia Pro in December 2008.  Looking forward to continuing my networking via Trulia.”

Congrats Karen! And thanks for sharing your testimonial with us.  It’s always great hearing success stories from our Trulia Voices real estate community members.

BTW – We love your new personalized Trulia Profile Vanity URL :)


Trulia Testimonial- Elaine Anderson, Realtor in Greenville, NC

February 10, 2009


This week we’re featuring Elaine Anderson, who’s a Realtor in Greenville, NC and the Broker/Owner of CENTURY 21, The Realty Group.  Elaine recently took our Trulia Challenge and here’s what she had to say:

“Received this email today and wanted to share! Although is GREAT, many of us today are on a budget & that’s where Trulia comes in, just as effective and FREE!  See for yourself….”

Thanks for taking the Trulia Challenge Elaine!


Trulia Testimonial – Arn Cenedella, Real Estate Pro in Menlo Park, CA

January 22, 2009


This week we’re featuring Arn Cenedella, a real estate agent and Trulia Pro in Menlo Park, CA  who has been in real estate since 1978.

Here’s what Arn had to say in response to the recent blog post by our CEO, Pete Flint: “Did we just pass the tipping point in online real estate?”

“My interactions and experience with Trulia have been fabulous.  I have always felt welcomed by Trulia – Trulia and I were never in competition.  Trulia wants to make the consumer experience the best it can possibly be and Trulia realizes real estate agents are an important part of the process.  I recognize that Trulia can help my business and it helps thousands of consumers.  I have been to Trulia’s office in SF as part of a realtor focus group and I felt their people were interested in what we had to say.  So congrats to Trulia – I feel we are partners.”

Arn, we understand it hasn’t always been an easy ride and we appreciate the faith you’ve put in Trulia to help support you. Thank you!


Trulia Testimonial – Heidi Engel, RE/MAX Suburban in Mt Prospect

December 26, 2008


Got a Trulia Testimonial?

Happy Holidays everyone!  This week we’re highlighting Heidi Engel, who is a Broker/Realtor from RE/MAX Suburban in Mt Prospect, IL.  As a Trulia Pro member, Heidi gets exclusive access to our Client Listing Reports- letting her send detailed property listing reports with recent updates to her clients.  This is a great way real estate agents can show clients they are creating maximum exposure for their listings by using Trulia.

Here’s what she has to say about our Client Listing Reports:


Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for Client Listing Reports Heidi!


Trulia Testimonial – Luetta Newnam, Casa Buena Realty in Scottsdale

December 17, 2008


Got a Trulia Testimonial?

This week we’re highlighting Luetta Newnam, who is currently the principal Broker/Owner of Casa Buena Realty and Casa Buena Construction.  Luetta has discovered the power of blogging and here’s what she says:

“Trulia has given me the freedom to Blog in a very easy format.  They take away the confusion and difficulty when trying to start Blogging in other formats.  The zillions of viewers are already built in and with the smart phone applications now available they are ready for the next level of consumers.  Intermixing Trulia within my Social networking sites has also been amazingly simple.  Trulia is easy easy easy!”

Thanks for being an advocate of the Trulia Community Blog Luetta!


Trulia Testimonial – Scott Godzyk, Godzyk Realty Group in New Hampshire

December 11, 2008


Got a Trulia Testimonial?

Each week we’ll be featuring new testimonials from real estate professionals on Trulia. So if you have a testimonial you’d like to share with us, we’d love to hear from you.

This week we’re happy to highlight Scott Godzyk from the Godzyk Realty Group in New Hampshire. Scott has been a Trulia Pro since September and is an active Trulia Voices community member having provided 2081 answers and 41 Best Answers thus far. He is currently one of our Top 3 Voices contributors.

Check out Scott’s testimonial on this Trulia Voices questionhe was the first to answer:

Does anyone get any leads from Trulia?

“I sure do. by answering questions people have been drawn to my web site and I have received more exposure for myself and my listings. I have 2 recent buyers who were surfing on Trulia and clicked on my link. One purchased one of my listings and the second we are looking for homes currently. In addition by listing my homes here as well, I have been able to increase my exposure to potential buyers. The stats are very helpful as I can forward them to my sellers and use in my marketing. The whole key in answering questions is to provide a personal answer and try not to advertise yourself or your properties in the question and answer area. I hope this helps.”

Thanks for being a great member of the Trulia Voices community Scott!