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Trulia Testimonial – Ryan Shaughnessy, Real Estate Pro in Saint Louis, MO

March 2, 2009


This week we’re highlighting Ryan Shaughnessy, who is a Real Estate Broker/Attorney of Prea Signature Realty in Saint Louis, MO. In a recent blog, Ryan shared his Trulia Customer Service experience:

“…I explained my frustration with regarding one of our listings appearing on their site with with links directing prospects to our competitors for information on the property. The blog post was sent to Twitter via ActiveRain. Similar to Ms. Hunt, I had contacted customer service only to receive a generic reply indicating that a work order was being opened. However, Rudy of ActiveRain and Trulia fame saw the post on Twitter, read the blog post on ActiveRain, and rolled up his sleeves and dove right in. The issue was resolved in 24 hours. Again, it was an excellent example of customer service. Although I didn’t get flowers, chocolates or dog toys like Ms. Hunt, I did get great customer service. Similar to Ms. Hunt, I am a satisfied customer and will go out of my way to encourage our agents to use Trulia for their listings.”

Ryan, don’t forget to claim your Trulia Vanity URL. Thus far, we’ve had over 1,500 real estate professionals claim theirs.

We were happy to help you and thanks again for sharing your Trulia Customer Service experience with everyone. We’re always here for you.

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