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Trulia Testimonial- Elaine Anderson, Realtor in Greenville, NC

February 10, 2009


This week we’re featuring Elaine Anderson, who’s a Realtor in Greenville, NC and the Broker/Owner of CENTURY 21, The Realty Group.  Elaine recently took our Trulia Challenge and here’s what she had to say:

“Received this email today and wanted to share! Although is GREAT, many of us today are on a budget & that’s where Trulia comes in, just as effective and FREE!  See for yourself….”

Thanks for taking the Trulia Challenge Elaine!


Take the Trulia Challenge

January 28, 2009

Remember the Pepsi Challenge?  Making comparisons to see what you like is important for everything you do, and that’s especially true when it comes to marketing.  Sticking with the same program every year is the fastest way to guarantee irrelevance – you have to stay on top of growing trends, target new buyers and maintain a lean budget.  And that’s exactly why we bring you the Trulia Challenge.

More and more brokers call me every day while they are putting together their 2009 budgets. One of the most common questions I get: “What can you do for me that can’t?” Well, we can give you a lot more, and for a lot less.  Take the first step of the Trulia Challenge, and see which column looks best for your brokerage.  We think Trulia’s innovative features and flexibility (plus the multitude of FREE) leads to a pretty conclusive winner.

trulia challenge - trulia vs.

Getting the most bang for your buck is more important now than ever. The Trulia Challenge isn’t exactly a taste test, but we think you’ll find the results to be delicious. Watch what these real estate pro’s had to say when they took the Trulia Challenge at the 2009 Inman Real Estate Connect in New York City.  Then contact us for step two.


Buy or Refinance: Could rates drop to 4.5%?

December 17, 2008
Trulia Challenge: Trulia Wants To Support Your Local Charity!
Buy or Refinance: Could rates drop to 4.5%?
Home owners and first-time buyers on Trulia are eagerly awaiting the news: will the Treasury drive interest rates below 5% for new loans? While lower interest rates won’t solve our housing market problems overnight, it may just be the incentive needed for some first-time buyers.The latest poll of first-time buyers on Trulia’s Housing Crisis Center shows that 48% are still planning to buy in less than 6 months and 27% will buy within the next 6-12 months. So if you’re even considering buying or selling, read on for tips on how to prepare! See financing tips

Could mortgage rates be dropping to 4.5%?
Could Mortgage Rates Be Going to 4.5%?
Today it was reported by anonymous sources that Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is considering purchasing many more mortgage backed securities issuecd by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that would be used to press the mortgage interest rates down to 4.5%. Apparently, this would only be for…. see more or reply
Written by Jeff Launiere, Real Estate Professional, Tampa, FL
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A buyer’s perspective: 4.5% Mortgage Rates for you and Me?

Should You Buy or Refinance?
What If Mortgage Rates Fell To 4.5% – Would You BUY or REFI?
Real Estate sales have slowed. Nobody knows what this afternoon’s headline will scream. So it’s seems best to stop, stoop, rock, wait, twiddle thumbs or wring hands. It seems logical doesn’t it? Ahhh… see more or reply
Written by Ken Brand, Real Estate Professional in Woodlands, TX
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Refinance out of chapter 13 bankrupcy to lower monthly payments

Buying a Bank Owned house
What Controls Interest Rates?
Days before the Federal Reserve Board plans to meet, the media starts reporting on anticipated rate cuts or rate hikes. This helps contribute to the misconception that a Fed rate cut means…
see more or reply
Written by Pam Simpson, Real Estate Professional, Senatobia, MS
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Q: What’s the difference between interest rate and APR

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Jack Nicholson’s ex-wife Rebecca Broussard lists her Colonial-style home in LA’s Pacific Palisades
5br / 7ba
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Rumor has it that Oprah Winfrey may be flipping a 10-room Chicago condo sprawling 4,600 square feet
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Entertainment mogul and Vegas casino owner Phil Maloof lists his Beverly Hills mansion for $16.9 M
6br / 8ba / 11,689 sqft
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I was having a conversation with a prospective listing client in Land Park this last week regarding if having a converted garage adds or reduces the value in a home. To clarify – this would be a garage that has been converted… see more or reply
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Q: Will it ever be possible to buy a home again after you’ve had a forclosure?
Asked by Sarah, Just Looking in Umatilla, OR
A: Here is a article I came across the other day that might interest you. It was written by Elin Bullmann What happens is that people who finally get through a foreclosure or short sale transaction are relieved and think they’re done. They’re actually not. … see more or reply