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New Trulia For Agents Mobile App Launches On iOS And Android

Trulia has released version 2.0 of its popular, free app for real estate agents on both iOS and Android. The Trulia for Agents App is one of the leading mobile apps built specifically for real estate agents, enabling them to convert more leads and better serve existing clients while they’re on-the-go.

Today’s upgrade features an all-new design that puts leads front and center. The new app includes improved navigation and search capabilities, as well as seamless access to helpful real estate news, coaching and tips from Trulia’s Pro Blog.


Agents everywhere love using the Trulia for Agents app. “I get outstanding leads from Trulia,” said Stacey Feltman of Ebby Halliday Realtors. “Trulia’s mobile app is great because it’s easy to use and it helps me manage leads and stay on top of my business no matter where I am. The entire system is the very best out there.”

As real estate agents know, quick responses to new leads greatly increase the chance of converting them into clients. Recent research proves it, indicating that responding to leads within minutes doubles the chance of conversion1. If agents respond to a lead within 5 minutes, they’re 100 times more likely to make contact with that lead than if responding in an hour2.


That’s why the Trulia for Agents App is designed first and foremost to help agents respond to quickly and manage leads from anywhere on their mobile device. As leads come in, alerts are pushed to the agent’s mobile phone, enabling them to respond immediately and make a connection to a new client. The app lets agents search and prioritize leads by centralizing all Trulia leads into one inbox. Each lead is than organized by conversation, providing context and easier access to a history of communication.

Agents can also easily access a list of personal contacts, browse Trulia’s Agent directory and search listings with Trulia’s advanced neighborhood information and map functionality. Agents can use Trulia for Agents to check-in to listings they tour and display these check-ins on their Trulia profile. It’s a great way for agents to demonstrate familiarity with specific properties and expertise in particular areas, creating opportunities to connect with prospective clients.

The free Trulia for Agents app version 2.0 is available today in Apple’s App Store and on Google Play.

  1. Research from Leads360, 2013
  2. Lead Response Study

Market Leader Open Platform Now Accepts Leads From More Than 8 National Sources

This summer, Market Leader announced major additions to the company’s Smart Lead Technology including the ability to accept leads from Trulia, Zillow,,, and, as well as from major franchise websites. Now, the company is further expanding its Site Stream feature, making leads available from 2 additional sources, including RealtyNow and Active Rain, expanding the utility of Market Leader’s open platform.

In addition, Trulia and Market Leader have been working together to provide additional value to real estate professionals using the combined company’s products. Beginning this week, leads from either the Trulia Local Ads product or Trulia Mobile Ads product, will be captured in Market Leader’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) software with even more data, automatically triggering real-time alerts for the agent.

Market Leader Professional and Business Suite feature Smart Lead Technology, which is designed to help agents generate, engage and manage all of their leads. Site Stream is just one part of Smart Lead Technology, and its enhancements are making it easier for agents to receive all of their Trulia leads in the Market Leader CRM, enabling agents to quickly and intelligently engage and convert more of them into clients.

“It’s easy to increase productivity and income with one system that engages thousands of local leads at once” said Andrew Johnson, REALTOR® from Touchstone Realty in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

With Market Leader, agents have access to sophisticated follow-up tools to manage engagement with leads while they establish a relationship. For example, agents can share relevant content with prospective clients, such as custom listing alerts, based on their unique home search criteria, and send them polished email and print campaigns.

Look for the combined Trulia and Market Leader team in booth 719 in the South Hall at Moscone Center for the REALTORS® Conference and Expo, in San Francisco from November 8- 11. Visitors will have a chance to meet the Altman Brothers and also learn how Trulia and Market Leader branded products and services complement each other.

Agents interested in more information, please contact your Trulia and Market Leader sales teams.


With 15 New Partners Trulia Accelerate Program Goes Into Overdrive

This morning Trulia announced it has expanded the Trulia Accelerate program to 16 partners overall, reaching nearly 70,000 agents total. For Trulia, this is an important milestone, while it executes on its strategy to engage partners across the industry and make its products and services available to real estate agents and brokers through important relationships with brokerages and franchises.

Trulia signed a major partner, leading franchisor RE/MAX LLC., when it originally launched the program in July. Since then 15 brokerages from across the country have decided to join the program and grow their businesses. Because Trulia Accelerate is a flexible set of products and resources, the company works with each partner to find the right mix of options that will help them meet their specific business goals.

Trulia Accelerate Program

New Partners: 15

Real Trends 2013 ranking by Volume

BH&G Gary Greene


Century 21 Award


Coach Realtors

Top 250 RIS Media

First Team Real Estate


Gloria Nilson


Hunt Real Estate ERA




Mel Foster


Michael Saunders


Prudential New Jersey Properties


Prudential Preferred Realty – PA


RE/MAX DFW Associates


RE/MAX Results


Realty ONE Group


Realty World Northern California, Inc.

Leading Franchisor

For example, participating brokers receive free resources including premium branded profiles for their agents on Trulia’s Find An Agent directory. They also have the option to receive an agent training curriculum focused on connecting and converting online leads or valuable marketing and advertising products that help brokers and franchises build their brand with consumers and expand their market share.

Ultimately, Trulia’s business goals are in line with those of their broker partners. Trulia has spent years building a popular consumer product offering and a large consumer audience, with 35 million unique visitors per month reported during the second quarter of 2013.

This valuable audience of home searchers is looking for information on neighborhoods and properties, using leading services such as Trulia Suggests to browse homes or Trulia’s popular map products that visualize commute times, crime statistics and other relevant neighborhood data. And now with Find an Agent, consumers can find useful information about agents and brokers who would be well-suited to help them with their unique real estate needs.

Trulia’s goal is to connect this group of engaged home searchers to real estate agents and brokers. It does this by serving as a technology partner, providing tools that agents and brokers use to win more listings and sell more homes.

To learn more about the benefits of partnering with Trulia, call 1-877-776-9521 or email


Now In Agents’ Email Inboxes: Free Listing Insights

Starting this week, agents with listings on Trulia will receive a new free email report that provides an enhanced level of insight into how their listings are performing. The email allows agents to review their listing marketing performance and make adjustments based on the information. It also provides competitive analysis about other comparable listings, allowing agents to understand which properties have most consumer interest.  Using this new information, agents can make decisions to help them increase interest in their listings with strategies such as adjusting property details, changing pricing or increased promotion.

The email is designed to provide important information at-a-glance, and provide insight into how each agent’s listings are stacking up against the competition. Agents will receive data about their most popular listing with views and followers, as well as the average views for all of the agent’s claimed listings. The report includes average views of all local listings and average views of local featured listings, as well as local listings with the most views overall, to get an idea of how the competition is performing.


Listing insight email

When agents click for more details they will be taken to the full listing report, which provides an even deeper level of insight.

In contrast to a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) used for pricing a listing for sale, Trulia tracks aggregate consumer behaviors on site to surface consumer driven comparables – primarily other homes consumers are looking at in comparison to that agent’s listing.

For example, the true competition might not just be homes near the listing, but homes in other areas that represent different trade-offs in price, location, size, etc.

By looking at the local comparable listings, the agent can view competing listings and get an idea of viewer interest and weekly views. With this added insight the agent can make sure they have the right marketing plan in place.


The full listing report dashboard

If you’re a listing agent, sign up for your free My Trulia account today and start receiving this report. If you have questions or comments, please email our agent team at:


Trulia Welcomes Market Leader To The Family

Today is a very exciting day for Trulia as we welcome Market Leader into the family. Technology is rapidly transforming the real estate industry and we believe that Trulia’s vibrant marketplace combined with Market Leader’s comprehensive suite of technology and marketing solutions is the real estate industry’s leading platform. We can deliver even more value to our customers and partners and help them utilize technology to be more successful.

Together, we will help brokerages and franchisors harness the power of technology to reach consumers and enhance the productivity of their agents by offering them the most comprehensive end-to-end solution via the web and mobile devices.

Benefits for Franchisors and Brokerages:

  • Today, Market Leader and Trulia each have deep partnerships with hundreds of real estate brokerages and franchisors.  Market Leader’s SaaS solution allows franchisors and brokerages to provide leading-edge productivity and daily workflow tools to their agents, while Trulia’s broker and franchisor partnerships help agents close more business by promoting their listings and generating leads from Trulia’s transaction-ready consumer audience.

Benefits for Real Estate Agents:

  • Real estate agents will now benefit from the industry’s first end-to-end solution.  As the Trulia and Market Leader products integrate over time, customers will combine unmatched data with leading edge tools to better serve buyers and sellers. Agents who use the combined platform will see every lead become more valuable, realize greater visibility into their clients and gain more opportunities to sell homes.

Benefits for Consumers:

  • Home buyers and sellers will benefit from improved responsiveness and better service from the agents with whom they work.  Trulia anticipates that increased agent responsiveness will result in more consumer delight on Trulia’s web and mobile properties.

Trulia will operate Market Leader as a wholly owned subsidiary of the company and the combined company will trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the stock ticker TRLA.

To learn more about Market Leader’s comprehensive market and technology platform, please visit

For information about Trulia’s marketing solutions please see

Thank you, as always, for your support.


New Find An Agent Directory Makes Life Easy For Consumers, Provides New Opportunities To Pros

It’s amazing to consider how much has changed in the last 20 years in the real estate industry. In the 1990’s most real estate search took place on newspapers and magazines.

An enterprising real estate searcher would use the Sunday paper classifieds, a landline telephone, a marker and a paper map to search for interesting properties and reach out to agents accordingly.

In retrospect it was a painful, time consuming process.

Finding a home today is an entirely different experience. Consumers use Trulia on the web and powerful mobile devices to gain insights not just on homes with color photos and stats but also neighborhoods with crime rates, average commutes, and amenities.

And with this engaged, consumer audience, Trulia also provides an ideal platform for real estate professionals to promote themselves and their listings to connect with new clients.

Technology has fundamentally changed the experience of searching for a home, but finding a real estate professional has remained primarily a referral process, with little insight into the actual expertise of the agent that helped sell your Mom’s home, for example.

The new find an agent directory from Trulia is improving the experience of searching for an agent, just as Trulia helped change the way people search for homes.

faa_landingFind an agent directory home page

The agent directory makes it easy to search for and find the right real estate agent with at-a-glance results and the option to filter searches based on relevant experience, local expertise, sales history, and client recommendations as well as see advice they have provided to other people within the Trulia Community.

For example, if you want to find an agent that both speaks French because your husband doesn’t speak much English, and has experience with single family homes in Palo Alto, you can use the property types, language and ZIP code filters to find the right match.


Find an agent filters are at the top of the page

For real estate professionals, the new directory provides agents with a place to easily connect with a large audience of qualified buyers and sellers who are seeking out the guidance of real estate professionals. Agents can differentiate themselves by showcasing their local expertise, demonstrating the number and location of homes sold and listings.

Even agent interactions on Trulia, such as providing advice to consumers in the Trulia Community are also searchable and view able in the new agent directory. In addition, agents can improve their ranking and visibility in the directory through a number of factors, such as responding quickly to leads and posting more sold homes and listings on Trulia.



Trulia Estimates Goes Cross-Country

Back in September, we beta launched Trulia Estimates, a tool that estimates the worth of off-market homes and helps consumers understand market trends.  We’ve received tons of positive feedback about how this provides a useful starting point for understanding home prices and informs decisions about buying, selling, refinancing and renovating. So we’re psyched to announce that Trulia Estimates will now be available nationwide for more than 50 million off-market homes, townhomes and condos in nearly 500 counties.

Let’s take a quick walk through a live example. We’ll claim a property as a homeowner, update the home’s public profile, make sure it’s accurate and complete, and then check out the Trulia Estimate.

On our new homepage, if you’re in an area where Trulia Estimates are available, you’ll see an option to search for your home. Just enter your address and we’ll take you directly to the public profile for your house.

Trulia Estimates

When you get there, you’ll see a Trulia Estimate prominently displayed near the top of the page.  As a homeowner, you can claim the property and update the public profile by adding more home features. You can also correct any inaccurate or outdated info, which helps us provide a more accurate estimate.

Here’s how: Under “Edit Home Facts,” select the option to “Claim This Home.”

Trulia Estimates Edit Home Facts

At this point, you’ll register or login to Trulia — this helps to ensure only true homeowners are making property edits.  Just confirm some contact information and you’ll get a verification email, at which point you can edit public facts about your home.

Trulia Estimates Login

Trulia Estimates Claim

This is where you can add or edit your home’s characteristics. The more data we have, the more accurate the Trulia Estimate will be. Once you’re satisfied with the details you’ve provided, click “Recalculate Estimate” and we’ll update it in real-time. Publish the edits to your home’s public profile so it’s up-to-date, and you’re good to go!

Trulia Estimates Update Home Facts

When you’re finished, you have the opportunity to provide feedback on our Trulia Estimate. Tell us: was it too low, too high, or just about right? You can also submit your own estimate with an explanation — maybe your home has unique features or there are new comparable sales in the area that we should consider.

Trulia Estimates Update Home Facts P2

Keep in mind that while Trulia Estimates are a great starting point for consumers, these estimates do not replace the valuable expertise and local market knowledge provided by real estate professionals. On each page, you have the option to contact a real estate agent to get a professional estimate based on local comps, active listings, price trends and other factors. Connect with a real estate pro to get the real inside scoop on your home and local area.

Trulia Estimates Contact Local Agents

In the meantime, we’ll be working hard to make Trulia Estimates available for more homes, in more areas, based on richer data.  To see the complete list of areas where estimates are available today, click here!

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Edina Syndication Decision: Bad for Agents, Bad for Consumers

There are a few facts and figures in Edina’s official statement about removing listings from Trulia that we’d like to clear up.

While Trulia respects Edina’s decision to remove their listings from our site, we don’t believe this decision helps agents working for Edina, sellers who are listing their homes with Edina or buyers searching for homes in the Minnesota, Wisconsin and the North Dakota area.  Here are some of the facts:

  • Edina is costing their agents future business opportunities. By removing listings from Trulia, Edina will shut their agents off from millions of potential buyers searching Trulia each month. Edina agents will receive fewer leads from Trulia once their listings are removed.
  • Trulia does not charge listing agents for leads generated by their listings and by default selects the listing agent to receive a copy of those leads, for free. If a listing agent wants to be the only agent displayed on the lead form, all they need to do is create a free account with Trulia.

More important than how Edina’s decision impacts their agents is how negatively it impacts their clients. By removing listings from the top three sites – Trulia, Realtor and Zillow – Edina has chosen to dramatically decrease Internet exposure for their sellers.  This will result in fewer inquiries about Edina’s listings and more days on the market for the seller.  In the modern real estate market where most buyers start their home search online, brokerages that do not attempt to reach the largest online audience possible are not helping their sellers reach the most buyers possible.  Without broad online exposure, sellers may choose to work with other brokerages who provide complete syndication to leading sites.

Lastly, one of Trulia’s top priorities is to provide highly accurate listing information to consumers. In our recent study on listing data quality, we found that 69% of inaccurate data on major sites comes third-party syndicators.  While Trulia does receive data from these sources, our algorithms select the highest quality source of listing data to display on our site. When available, we always display higher quality listing data sent directly from MLSs or Brokerages, like Edina, instead of poorer quality data from third party syndicators.

Although we think that Edina is making the wrong choice by removing their listings from the top real estate sites, we hope they’ll reconsider the benefits they’re losing as part of this decision. We’ve had brokerages do this before and we’ve seen them come back within a matter of weeks. Feel free to reach out to us if you have questions.


Trulia Releases The Inside Scoop on the Real Estate Industry’s Online Listing Quality

One of the most common complaints from consumers and real estate professionals about searching for homes online is that many online property listings have out-of-date or incorrect data.  Most frequently, basic listing information like price and status are incorrect.  This past March, Trulia launched Trulia Direct Reference to help solve this problem.  After evaluating the data quality of more than 1.2M listings received from more than 250 data sources, we’ve identified the primary sources for erroneous online listing data.

The need for this analysis arose after we surveyed approximately 1000 consumers and real estate professionals about the online home search experience.   Both groups agreed that their primary concern with online real estate is the quality of the listings.  Most complaints about online listings revolved around the status of listings being outdated (e.g. pending) or the price often being incorrect.

Trulia compared more than 1.2 million listings received from various sources against MLS Data, and found more than 69 percent of the errors stemmed from 3rd party syndicators of non-MLS data.  All other industry feeds when combined only accounted for 31% of the listing errors Trulia receives in its feeds.

Out of more than 120k listing inaccuracies, we found the following: 51 percent contained price errors, 41 percent contained status errors and 8% contained both.  Through our Direct Reference program, Trulia has been able to identify these errors and notify brokers, agents and MLS’s about the data sources they should consider correcting. Trulia Direct Reference provides  the ability to identify where the errors are originating and then the information to correct them at the source.

The results from this study show that MLS’s have the potential to significantly reduce the proliferation of erroneous listing data when they syndicate listings directly on behalf of all their members.

If you would like to learn more about how you can participate in Trulia Direct Reference and directly syndicate your listings to Trulia, please contact us at

real estate listing quality trulia report

(To download a PDF copy of this report, click here.)

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Trulia Launches Instant Leads, Helping Real Estate Professionals Turn More Online Leads into Clients

July 21, 2011

Instant Leads

Today, Trulia announced the launch of Instant Leads, a new Twilio-powered functionality that allows agents to instantly connect to home buyers and sellers using their mobile phones while they’re on-the-go.

Trulia Instant Leads provides instant lead notification to real estate professionals, either via SMS or a live call, helping agents connect with more potential clients and drive more transactions. If the lead provides a phone number, the agent receives an automatic call from Trulia, connecting both parties live on a call. If the lead does not provide a phone number, or the agent cannot answer the phone at the time, the agent receives a SMS text message with the consumer’s contact information for follow-up.

With Trulia Instant Leads, agents have an opportunity for first mover’s advantage in responding to leads, increasing their chances of converting those leads into clients. Consumers often submit multiple inquiries while they’re performing an online search for properties, which makes a quick response time the single most important opportunity for agents to earn the consumer’s business. Instant Leads allows agents to catch the consumer at the peak of interest—while they’re still searching online and near a phone.

“Using Twilio, we’ve built what we believe to be a one-of-a-kind powerful service that gives agents the opportunity to respond quickly to consumer’s inquiries, meet more clients and close more transactions,” said Georg Gerstenfeld, VP of Business Services at Trulia. “Twilio’s technology has allowed Trulia to create instant connections between consumers and real estate professionals. When consumers get a quick response, it allows agents to build more relationships with potential clients.”

Trulia Instant Leads is currently provided with every Trulia Pro subscription. Click here to learn more about Instant Leads.

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