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Trulia Launches New Map Visualizations to Show Rental Prices and Environmental Risks Across America

At Trulia, we use interactive map visualizations to present large amounts of information in an easy-to-understand format. Today, Trulia released interactive map visualizations that bring two distinct new categories of information that help to better inform house hunters.

The first new map is dedicated to rentals. Now, consumers can browse through color-coded neighborhoods and quickly focus their search on neighborhoods that meet their budget.


The second set of maps visualizes historical earthquake and flood data to depict environmental risk at a block-by-block level. Up until now, the risk of these events has traditionally been hard for home buyers, sellers, and renters to find. Now house hunters can use our maps to see flood zones and understand where earthquakes, for example are more common, in order to make informed decisions about where to move.



With today’s launch across Android mobile and web platforms, rental prices and environmental risks join Trulia’s robust suite of interactive visualizations, which already feature home values, crime, school rankings, commute times and local amenities such as banks, gas stations, restaurants and grocery stores.

Details of the New Trulia Map Visualizations

  • Rental Prices: The rental rate visualizations incorporate a year’s worth of data to show the average cost-per-bedroom at the neighborhood level. Deep reds indicate high-cost areas, and yellow and green designate more affordable neighborhoods.
  • Earthquakes: The earthquake map layer incorporates USGS and the California Geologic Survey data to show seismic hazard, also known as ground shaking potential. Blues and greens show low shaking potential and reds show high-potential areas.
  • Floods: Using FEMA data, Trulia’s flood hazard maps outline a community’s different flood risk areas, determined by topographic surveys and statistical data for river flow, storm tides, and rainfall. High risk areas are identified by dark blue shading and show the areas where there is at least a 1 in 4 chance of flooding during a 30-year mortgage. Light blue designates the lower-risk flood areas.

Trulia’s visualizations are accessible on the web by visiting Select a city and then utilize the menu on the left-hand side to see properties, home values, crimes, schools, commute times, amenities, rental rates and environmental risks of floods and earthquakes. On Android mobile, click on the layer icon in the upper right corner and select heat maps from the menu.



Trulia Hires New VP of Consumer Product and Launches Trulia Local

Today, we are thrilled to welcome Lee Clancy to the Trulia family as our new Vice-President of Consumer Products. He brings more than 10 years of product management experience in social gaming, online community and user-generated content and is focused on helping Trulia bring the inside scoop to millions of consumers every month.

Lee Clancy, Trulia's VP of Consumer Product

In the past, Lee has spent time most recently at IMVU and Yahoo! Adding his experience to our organization continues our theme from 2011 of attracting top-notch talent to help us deliver the best user experience to our rapidly expanding consumer and professional audience.

To kick off Lee’s tenure, we’re unveiling Trulia Local – a brand new product that’s designed to help people (whether they are buying a home or renting) answer the burning question that crosses everyone’s mind when they’re looking for a new home: “What’s it like to live here?”

Trulia Local allows users to analyzes and visually displays real estate values, crime, school ratings and local amenities on layered maps. It also visually blends together geodata and user-generated content to give people the local scoop on where they live.

Trulia Local Home Visual Analysis

Key features include:

  • Real Estate Values: Check out homes that are currently for sale or were recently sold nearby.

  • Crime: Avoid crime by identifying the most dangerous blocks in your city with a heat map overlay that aggregates all the reported criminal activity during the past year. Toggle between violent and non-violent crimes to see what was most recently reported.

Trulia Local - Crime

  • Schools: Find out which school district your home is in and screen for schools with the highest parent ratings with an easy-to-use slider filter.

Trulia Local - Schools

  • Neighborhood Amenities: Know where the closest restaurants, grocery stores, banks and gas stations are located and what the locals think.

Trulia Local - Neighborhood Amenities

To get the local scoop on where you live, visit:


Trulia’s Home Offer Report & Interactive Map Reveals Where Homebuyers Can Find Deep Discounts Across America

Today, Trulia launched its Home Offer Report to help give homebuyers and sellers the upper hand – whether they’re making an offer or putting their home on the market.

This brand new quarterly report and interactive price reductions map offers ZIP-code level insights on when the first price reduction occurs in your neighborhood, where the reductions are happening and how deep the reductions are. Click on the map below to learn about the price reductions happening in your neighborhood:

Click here to check out Trulia's new price reduction map

Check out this slide show for the full Q1 2011 report findings:

Trulia Home Offer Report – Q1 2011
View more presentations from Trulia

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In the News – Google + Trulia = True View

April 9, 2008

Google produced this video to showcase our use of Google Maps [Pre- Street View Integration]

It’s been an exciting day thus far at Trulia. Now that the new Google Street View integration is live, we’re getting some fantastic feedback.

Here are a few quotes:

Paul Glazowski from Mashable says, “In a partnership made official this week, Trulia users can not only parse address numbers and neighborhood data and the like, they can also take a little virtual stroll around the block thanks to those snazzy camera vans roaming around the nation and snapping pics at ground level.”

Nicole Nicolay from My Tech Opinion says, “For those agents specializing in relocation, this is obviously a powerful resource for learning about a new area.”

Greg Sterling from Search Engine Land says, “StreetView on Trulia can thus potentially save homebuyers time by providing more “context” to listings.”

Jay Thompson at Agent Genius says, “In true Trulia fashion, the Street View module is seamlessly integrated.”

Rich Jacobson from Active Rain points out, “Now your Buyers can see that HUGE water tank next door. Or maybe the description of a ‘filtered’ or ‘partial’ view by the Listing Agent gives new meaning to embellishment. And who knew that the Next-Door-Neighbor was a Used Car/Appliance collector? You can begin to see the value that this incorporated feature will offer.”

Mike Price of MLBroadcast guest blogged on Geek Estate Blog saying, “Things like the mashup of Street View and Trulia are the kind of milestones that deliver on Web 2.0.”

If you haven’t given our new feature a look see yet, just click on any listing within the 40 markets where Street View is currently available on Trulia to experience it yourself. Besides actually standing in front of the house itself, this is pretty much the next best thing to being there.

Picture 26
I was on Twitter after we launched Google street view and ran into Robert Scoble who liked how we implemented it. Cool!

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