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Agents Helping Agents With Marketing Know-How and Tools

November 24, 2008

Agents helping agents 

 Charleston, SC – This week’s most viewed question on Trulia Voices comes from Randall Sandin, a real estate professional and Trulia PRO from Charleston, SC. He asks,

“Anyone have great ideas for free or inexpensive marketing? We use Craigslist a lot, giving Trulia a run and use Constant Contact for cheap email blasts, looking for any other ideas to help market in today’s challenging times.”

Our Trulia Community has some great ideas!

Chris Montague, a real estate agent from Rancho Cucamonga, CA:

I use a website called Its not free but a small fee of $29.95/Month and you get TONS of marketing material. Plus you get a free 30 day trial to see if it’ll work for you and your business. They have TONS of templates on flyers, postcards, newsletters, prospecting, thank you cards etc… and you can print any of them straight from the website. OR upload your email contact list into SharperAgent and start sending out email blasts to your entire sphere of influence.

Diana Giardina, a real estate pro from Mercer, WI, is new to Trulia Voices and posted her first answer in response to a colleague’s request for help:

Diana GiardinaWe use They usually offer the first 6 months free. They have many templates, color and graphic to chose from. When listings get entered they get syndicated to over 26 search engines. Really easy website to use. After first 6 months then the website is only 99.95 a year. Plus you can get a domain for 12.95 a year. Check it out. My website is

Susie Shately, a real estate agent from the Lone Star State:

There are a lot of free advertising sites. Some examples other than Craigslist and Trulia are: Postlets, Realbird, SawItOnline, fFyinside, Google, Oodle, Propbot, Spotmixer, ShowingFeedback, Realivent, OpenHouse. All of these are dot coms. Try them. You might  like them.

The Appraiser Lady from  Atlanta: – actually has a free website, (I’ve had for over six months) You can add listings to it also. (It also syndicates listings to other websites.)– has a free agent website (free domain name for a year) —Type in Anita Hale and See what top ranking I get on Google for FREE!! — this the best free website I have, check it out when you google me. It also has a place where people can look up foreclosure listings and they have to input their contact information.–free website with domain name ( I think it’s free)… I get alot of leads from here ( you just have to put a link on your website back too them) — filters to myspace classifieds and other sites

One other thing. If you are registered to sell HUD homes you can list those on your website or make flyers as long as you follow their advertising guidelines. ( please note**you cannot put a sign up at the actually house)
You may not actually want to sell these homes, but they will definitely get you leads.

Hope this helps!!!

Kevin Polite, a real estate professional from Atlanta: is another website for customer relationship management. You can use a DRIP campaign for as little as $9.99/mo. It’s not real estate specific, but you should be able to find plenty of templates to use especially for e-mail marketing. I’m sure you know it’s easier to get new customer from your old customers then to get complete new ones. I became a Realtor when I never heard back from the real estate agent (note the difference) and was ready to buy my second. E-mail marketing is the most inexpensive way to advertise, however, keep in mind you must make sure when you market to NOT overload them e-mails and that you only do so at the most 1 per month, maybe just quarterly.

Beth Ann Mott, a real estate professional in Denver:

If you are a REALTOR, you have access to a great FREE marketing benefit through NAR and Lowe’s. You can send out an enewsletter or seller or buyer cards. You can brand them with your information and Lowe’s will send them out at no cost to you and they include a 10% off coupon to Lowe’s. This is a great way to touch your sphere or new prospects and reel them in as clients. All it takes is your time in inputing their information. Good Luck!

My Thoughts

Randall, You are already on the right track  …. taking advantage of a suite of Web 2.0 tools right here at Trulia! A link to your blog post about staging a home appeared recently on Trulia’s “Surviving the Housing Crisis” page under Featured Tips – Buying and Selling.

I have some other favorite FREE tools:

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