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Congratulations to Trulia’s $50K Home Giveaway Winner – Teresa W. of Charlotte, FL!

A few weeks ago, we wrapped up our $50,000 giveaway sweepstakes, and we’re thrilled to announce Teresa W. of Charlotte, FL as our lucky winner!


“I couldn’t believe it at first. When I believed it, I didn’t sleep all that night. I was thinking about everything that I wanted to do and give my grandkids. I’m just ecstatic and can’t believe it actually happened.” 

A loving grandmother of a 7-year old girl and a 10-year old boy, who currently live with her and her husband, Teresa didn’t believe us when we first got in touch with her to tell her the good news. But once she realized that we were the real deal, she was so stunned and excited that she couldn’t sleep!

“You’ve changed my whole life, I’ll tell you that.”

Currently living a newly-bought home that’s a little too small, Teresa plans to use her winnings to add an extension to the house – giving both of her grandchildren their own separate bedroom. And if she has money left over, a trip to Disney World may be in their future.

Congrats again to Teresa and her family. We are so happy to be able to help them complete their dream home.



Congratulations to our #TruliaOpenHouse Winners!

Trulia is happy to announce the five lucky winners of our Twitter contest in honor of Nationwide Open House Weekend! The five winners each tweeted a photo of an open house they visited over the weekend with the #TruliaOpenHouse hashtag, and now each will receive a $50 gift card! Thank you everyone for all your entries. Here’s a list of the winners and their winning tweets – check them out!

It looks like Danielle has a keen eye for bay windows.


Here’s Marissa’s $50 winning shot, which allegedly put Marissa’s Twitter-doubting husband in his place. (#win)


Maggie (who seems to resemble a cookie) snapped this shot last weekend, with…


… Frank, who was also househunting with Marissa. We see what you both did there – well played.



And last but not least… this epic shot is Rev. LaDonna, admiring the view from what could be her new home. Nice find!

Congratulations again to our #TruliaOpenHouse Winners!


The Inside Scoop on Selling a House Through a 1031 Exchange

One of the best parts about working at Trulia is actually helping people find their dream homes. Every day, we hear from users who share success stories that are just too good to keep to ourselves. That’s why we’re kicking off the “My Trulia Success” program, where we’ll highlight a couple of users each month and share their Trulia experience –giving you even more inside scoop.

Our first user is Candy Mitchell from the Bay Area. She and her husband recently sold their San Francisco-based investment home via a 1031 exchange. For those who don’t know, when you sell a house through a 1031 exchange, you’ve got 45 days to roll your proceeds over to another property—otherwise, Uncle Sam will get you. Once you identify the next home you wish to invest in, you’ve got another 180 days to close.

Candy and her husband listed their home, and it sold after just one open house. They closed escrow the middle of November, but that’s when things got sticky. Because they only had 45 days to buy a new home, Candy started to worry. “I shifted in to panic mode,” she said. “Trulia was my source and I was looking and looking.” She downloaded other apps too but wasn’t impressed, “I tried other apps, but Trulia was too good to switch. It’s just easier to use.”

After weeks of looking for another home to invest in, they finally found the one that met their criteria. “I found the right house on Trulia before our realtor did, and I was having inspections even before she saw it.”

Because Candy lives in San Anselmo, CA—a suburb of San Francisco—she isn’t too familiar with the ins and outs of San Francisco neighborhoods. Using the map boundary feature on Trulia’s iPad app, she was able to learn more about the different communities within the city. From there, she used “inside scoop” map features to ensure the house was located right where it needed to be.

We’re excited to share Candy’s story with you and are looking forward to telling you how other users are using Trulia to find a place to live. If you’re a fan of Trulia and want to share your story, please email us at