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Get Some Of Your Sunday Back: Our Redesigned Apps Make it Easier Than Ever to Identify the Must-See Open Houses

We’ve all been there: you scan your phone throughout the weekend looking for open houses, only to be disappointed when you actually drive through one of the neighborhoods (this part of town doesn’t seem too safe) or notice that the home you’re in doesn’t quite look like the one you saw online or on your mobile app (the bedrooms are so small!). You aren’t alone. It’s a common problem that we at Trulia wanted to help solve. And that’s why we’re excited to announce the redesign of our iPhone and Android apps, just in time for the spring house hunting season.

According to NAR, the real estate information buyers find on their mobile devices is now just as important as visiting an actual open house. With the newly redesigned iPhone and Android apps, house hunters can get some of their Sundays back. Instead of schlepping through a slew of open homes that may or may not actually help with their search, home buyers will now get must-see properties – the best of the best – which means less time driving around in a car and more time working on an offer.

We believe our apps are now so visual and immersive; it’s almost like being at the open house without even leaving your couch. Everything you want and need for your house hunt is in one place:

  • With this mobile makeover, house hunters will get a comprehensive view of what a home and neighborhood are like with large, beautiful pictures and easy-to-navigate photo galleries.
The newly redesigned iPhone and Android app showing the full bleed images

The newly redesigned iPhone and Android app showing the full bleed images

  • Home buyers can also quickly identify local amenities and important neighborhood info like crime, schools, and average sales prices for nearby homes – data that can be hard to come by at an open house.
Heat map of crime on both iPhone and Android

Heat map of crime on both iPhone and Android

  • As you evaluate each home, you can save listings you love. This information allows us to recommend the right homes for buyers and sellers as they come onto the market.
Easily scroll through the homes that match your criteria

Easily scroll through the homes that match your criteria

Be sure to download or update the Trulia iPhone or Android app today, and look forward to a little extra free time this weekend.

The complete redesigned mobile features

The complete redesigned mobile features


Trulia Revamps iPad App To Give Mobile Users Everything They Need and Want

Today we are excited to announce that Trulia’s top-rated iPad app has received a major overhaul. We listened to feedback from our users and incorporated user behavior data from our updated iPhone app to identify which features users love and interact with the most. Combined with our intuitive, user-friendly design, Trulia has created an even more visual and engaging way for home buyers to search for properties and get the inside scoop on neighborhoods.

The market is heating up, and 75% of people we recently surveyed think that it’s better to buy a home now than a year from now. With that in mind, we’re revamping the iPad experience to give users the tools they need to find their perfect place to live.

Let’s dig into the details on what’s new!

Updated listing pages – The listing pages for each property have been beautifully updated to showcase large HD photos, as well as thumbnails for quick scrolling. Users can also interact with photos in the full screen photo gallery by pinching and zooming to see more or less.

Other new features include:

Navigation menu – The new menu is simplified and streamlined, allowing users to easily search for properties for sale or rent, view their favorite homes, find saved searches, see open houses, and more.

Color-coded map markers – Utilizing colored markers, users can easily distinguish the newest properties for sale: Green represents unviewed homes that have just come on the market, black is used for all other unviewed homes, while a grey marker denotes properties that have already been seen.

Nearby map and local info, including median price and school ratings, displayed directly on the property pages – This information was previously only on the property results map. Now, each individual listing page gives users more of the inside scoop on properties and neighborhoods.

My Saves section – Prior to the update, this feature was split between the results map and search filters. Now, users view their favorite properties and saved searches all in one place that’s easily accessible from the new navigation menu.

You can download the new iPad app here. User feedback is important to us, so let us know what you think of the app by emailing


Trulia Updates Android App with More Interactive Google Map

At Trulia we’re all about giving our consumers the inside scoop on their home search. That’s why we’re incorporating the latest Google Maps Android API in our Android app to give users a more seamless experience when searching for a place to buy or rent on-the-go.

Starting tomorrow, Trulia’s free Android app for mobile and tablets will feature a more interactive map, powered by the new Google Maps Android API, allowing Trulia users to easily navigate 2D or 3D views to discover crime, school attendance zones, and nearby amenities like restaurants, gas stations, and grocery stores. This information provides users with the inside scoop and allows them to compare neighborhoods, while making their home search easy and fun.

Trulia’s Android apps provide home facts, listing details, and open house info for homes and rentals on the market across the US. Some of the key features include vivid photo slideshows, real-time notifications for saved homes and searches, and local neighborhood info to help consumers find the right place to live.

3D view showcasing homes for sale

In addition to the new Google Maps Android API, we’ve also added a mortgage center tool to help you easily determine whether you can afford the house you have your eye on. Key features include:

  • Personalized Loan Quotes – See personalized loan quotes from a number of real lenders, in real time
  • Quote Comparison – Easily sort your quotes by lowest fees, APR, rate, or payment to find ones just right for you
  • Affordability Calculator – Determine the home price you can afford and see a visual breakdown of your monthly and total payment
  • Connect with Lenders – Contact a lender directly from your Android device to learn more about a specific quote

Mobile devices are increasingly critical to home hunters and real estate professionals. We are the leading mobile platform for the home search process as 30% of Trulia’s traffic comes from mobile on an average week. According to our research, consumers using mobile devices are more likely to contact a real estate professional, and at times during the peak hours on the weekend (when most people are on-the-go visiting open houses) our mobile traffic surpasses online traffic.

The new upgrade comes just in time for the holidays, when people will be furiously downloading apps onto their new Android devices. If you’re shopping for an Android device for someone on your gift list, make sure you download Trulia’s Android app to help them with their 2013 home search. And as always, we value your feedback. Please email to let us know how much you love the app or if you have any questions.


Trulia Partners with OpenCoSF in the City By The Bay

Earlier today, Trulia opened its home to the local community as part of the OpenCo San Francisco initiative. Danielle Farnedi, Trulia’s Vice President of Engineering, presented an overview of Trulia and its history in San Francisco. Danielle also shared the narrative of Trulia’s culture of product innovation in context of the rapidly changing real estate industry, and the company’s efforts to deliver the inside scoop to consumers.

Trulia is one of many San Francsico-based companies that is active in the local tech community, benefiting from the unique collection of social, creative and technical talent that the region offers, while also working to give back to the community in the process. The company was founded in San Francisco in 2005 and since being headquartered in neighborhoods such as the Mission District and Potrero Hill, today the company calls the vibrant South of Market neighborhood home.

Finding a place to live can be challenging and stressful – it’s the problem that the company was created to solve. In the 1990’s searching for a home was primarily an offline experience, where consumers searched in newspapers and apartment guides enduring a relatively grueling process. As the Internet grew, listings became available online in the early 2000’s. Today, Trulia provides more than just listings and information, delivering real insights for consumers who are trying to find the right place to live.

So what does “insight” mean in this case? It’s bringing data and neighborhoods to life for consumers in a simple, visual format. For example, Trulia commute maps make it easy to determine what areas have convenient access to work. Trulia users can view school district rankings and crime heat maps that highlight safe neighborhoods.

As Danielle mentioned in the presentation, when looking at properties people ask themselves, “How much time will I spend in the car going to work and will my children be safe on their way to and from a quality school?” These are the  important questions that that Trulia helps answer.

Trulia was happy to participate in the inaugural OpenCoSF initiative and looks forward to the growth of the program and further engagement with the San Francisco tech community.


Find the Best Schools for Your Kids from Your iPad

“Where should I send my kids to school?” It’s a burning question that every parent faces and it’s not always easy to answer.

But Trulia’s got your back. We’ve been listening to your feedback, and we’ve just released an iPad update that delivers our school maps to your Trulia iPad app.

You can now overlay school attendance zones for elementary, middle and high schools, along with comprehensive contact info for all the schools in a neighborhood.

The details provided include the (1) name of the school, (2) whether it’s public or private, (3) address, (4) phone number, (5) # of students, (6) grades included and (7) GreatSchools Rating.

You can either view the attendance zone map in full screen (shown above) or with the home list open (show below), as you search for homes for sale in your desired school district.

As always, Trulia is committed to providing the best mobile real estate search experience – we hope our latest update helps you with your school search. And if you have any feedback, we’re all ears! Reach us anytime at