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Trulia Partners with Leading Rental Listings Providers in San Francisco

Trying to rent a place in San Francisco can be a daunting challenge. Not only does the city offer many different neighborhoods and amenities to consider, but the booming job market is fueling competition for apartments, which is pushing prices up. During the month of June, amongst the largest 25 metro areas in the country, San Francisco experienced the highest year-over-year increase in asking rent prices at 14.7%, making responding to listings quickly more important than ever.

In light of all this, we were excited to announce today, that both J.Wavro Associates and RentSFNow, will syndicate their San Francisco rental listings to Trulia, making a distinctive group of new properties available to Trulia users. This is just one example of the work that Trulia is doing with its partners in the real estate industry to present consumers with great listings around the country.

While the company is busy providing the best rental listings, it’s also been building mobile apps that empower consumers and take the friction out of apartment hunting. With Trulia’s mobile apps, consumers can personalize their search with specific apartment criteria and then receive notifications as soon as corresponding properties become available. In addition, listings are color-coded to show what that person has viewed previously, what they haven’t seen and perhaps most importantly, the most recent listings, to help them find and act upon rentals quickly.

Expect to see more activity from us, as we work to provide great rental listings and powerful tools for finding the right place to live.


Trulia Raises the Bar on Rentals – Makes Finding A Place Easy with Rentals For iPhone

Today we’re excited to announce a brand new app to add to our mobile suite – Trulia Rentals for iPhone! It’s no secret that renters are facing a tough and competitive rental market, and Trulia is ready to help in the quest to find the very best rental on the market.

Trulia Rentals for iPhone does more than just let you search an area for existing rentals – we watch for new properties so you can get the scoop on the best places before anyone else. When you’re searching for your new rental, you’re on-the-go and you’re working on a tight timeframe. That’s why our app organizes listings by which ones are newest. And we’ll make sure to keep you updated on the hottest rental listings in your area via notifications, because we know it’s hard to find a place to live in a short period of time too.


As you’re looking for a new rental, we make it easy to save and come back to your searches. Just save your criteria, give it a name, and get notifications for any new listings that match your saved search.


We’re excited to add Trulia Rentals for iPhone to our roster of mobile apps. Stay tuned for more mobile innovations from Trulia coming soon. We always appreciate your feedback at

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Trulia Delivers More Rental Options With Listings

Ken Shuman
November 21, 2011
The rentals market is on fire lately, and Trulia is making an exciting improvement to keep up with rental demands.  Whave listings on Trulia and that means 40% more community listings for our consumersAs you know, we recently launched a dedicated “For Rent” app for those with Android mobile phones and while we are making all these great improvements, we’re watching the rentals activity on Trulia skyrocket. Rental visits are up 200% year-over-year and leads for rentals are growing more than 300% in that same timeframe.

Since we love giving you the inside scoop, the partnership with allows Trulia users to see bigger, more beautiful photos – and much more of them. User will now see 75% more photos per listing on average. Lastly, users will have access to video tours of buildings to let users see the building. Imagine touring your next rental while in front of your computer!

For those of you that are part of the Renter Nation, we got you covered!

Addressing Rental Scams

As online rentals fraud is becoming an industry-wide problem, Trulia is committed to keeping our rental listings scam-free and accurate.  While tackling this problem and keeping up with fraudsters is an ongoing task, we have taken a few initial steps to reduce fraud and protect our valued customers.

As of this week, anyone posting a rental listing on Trulia will need to prove that they can receive calls on a valid US phone number.  We will call them at the number they provide, and provide a code that they have to enter on our website before posting any rental listings.  If we detect fraud, this phone number may be reported to the authorities.  Here’s a screenshot of how it will work:

SLS Verify

Also on the topic of ensuring quality listings, we are implementing a manual screening process for rental listings in our top markets.  Trulia Customer Service representatives will now contact new rental listings that are submitted to Trulia;  we will soon be reviewing 100% of rental listings in our top markets.

Additionally, in order to help Trulia renters avoid scams, we are including prominent messages on our rental listings to educate our users on some red-flags for scams and how they can protect themselves.

PDP anti-fraud message

Aside from these immediate efforts, we have several more sophisticated fraud detection and prevention features planned.  Ensuring high quality in our listings is at the core of the Trulia Rentals mission, and we will continue to work on this aggressively until our site is fraud-free!