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Trulia Launches New Map Visualizations to Show Rental Prices and Environmental Risks Across America

At Trulia, we use interactive map visualizations to present large amounts of information in an easy-to-understand format. Today, Trulia released interactive map visualizations that bring two distinct new categories of information that help to better inform house hunters.

The first new map is dedicated to rentals. Now, consumers can browse through color-coded neighborhoods and quickly focus their search on neighborhoods that meet their budget.


The second set of maps visualizes historical earthquake and flood data to depict environmental risk at a block-by-block level. Up until now, the risk of these events has traditionally been hard for home buyers, sellers, and renters to find. Now house hunters can use our maps to see flood zones and understand where earthquakes, for example are more common, in order to make informed decisions about where to move.



With today’s launch across Android mobile and web platforms, rental prices and environmental risks join Trulia’s robust suite of interactive visualizations, which already feature home values, crime, school rankings, commute times and local amenities such as banks, gas stations, restaurants and grocery stores.

Details of the New Trulia Map Visualizations

  • Rental Prices: The rental rate visualizations incorporate a year’s worth of data to show the average cost-per-bedroom at the neighborhood level. Deep reds indicate high-cost areas, and yellow and green designate more affordable neighborhoods.
  • Earthquakes: The earthquake map layer incorporates USGS and the California Geologic Survey data to show seismic hazard, also known as ground shaking potential. Blues and greens show low shaking potential and reds show high-potential areas.
  • Floods: Using FEMA data, Trulia’s flood hazard maps outline a community’s different flood risk areas, determined by topographic surveys and statistical data for river flow, storm tides, and rainfall. High risk areas are identified by dark blue shading and show the areas where there is at least a 1 in 4 chance of flooding during a 30-year mortgage. Light blue designates the lower-risk flood areas.

Trulia’s visualizations are accessible on the web by visiting Select a city and then utilize the menu on the left-hand side to see properties, home values, crimes, schools, commute times, amenities, rental rates and environmental risks of floods and earthquakes. On Android mobile, click on the layer icon in the upper right corner and select heat maps from the menu.



Trulia’s Real Estate App and Rentals App Now Available on New Kindle Fire HD 7″

Steven Yarger
September 14, 2012

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of the Trulia Real Estate App and the Trulia Rentals App designed for Amazon’s brand new Kindle Fire HD. The new Kindle Fire HD brings dual stereo speakers with Dolby audio, ultra-fast Wi-Fi /4G LTE wireless, and most exciting of all:  mapping & location capabilities.

Taking advantage of the Kindle Fire HD’s new mapping and location-based features, we’ve released these two Trulia apps – available starting today for free at the Amazon Appstore for Android – to enable home buyers and renters to take their house hunt on the road for a more interactive, hands-on search.

Our Trulia apps include:

  • Maps [NEW] - Interactive maps; Examine color-coded interactive maps designed for Kindle Fire HD.
  • Location [NEW] Search for a home/open house while on-the-go with our location-based capabilities.
  • Search Filter: Personalize your search from step one by setting filters and search parameters, guaranteeing that you only sort through properties that fit your needs. Specifically on the rentals app, there’s a quick and easy search filter that highlights newly submitted homes to cater to a renter’s shorter search cycle.
  • Save Your Searches: Save your favorite properties and searches to your MyTrulia account, synced to and across all of your Trulia devices automatically.
  • More Information Instantly: Contact the listing agent to get more details or schedule a showing; Share good finds with friends and family.
Order your new Kindle Fire HD on now and start browsing our Trulia apps today!

As always, Trulia is committed to providing the best mobile real estate search experience – we hope our latest update helps you with your school search. And if you have any feedback, we’re all ears! Reach us anytime at