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Trulia Free Gift or Re-Gift Program To Wrap Up at the End of January

There’s now one week left to play the Free Gift or Re-Gift game on Trulia. Beginning the day after Christmas, Trulia mobile app users around the country began finding an instant win game called Free Gift or Re-Gift as they searched for homes. Just like Trulia, the new game gives users another way of making their home search a little easier, and more enjoyable. The game was designed as an engaging and light-hearted instant win game within the apps, to give users a laugh during what can be a stressful process – looking for a home. 

Users can play every day from either their iPhone or Android device by tapping on the present icon that lives on their app’s homepage. With a simple swipe, they can “unwrap” their gift to determine if they are instant winner. Some people get virtual gag gifts, which they can regift on Facebook and Twitter. Others who are more fortunate, score a gift card to help them on their home search. Trulia partnered with Uber to provide users a free ride which they can use to tour open homes, and Wayfair will help them kick-start the home decorating process.

In the days following Christmas, when millions of people receive new smartphones and tablets, Americans download apps from coast to coast at record pace. Trulia’s program has not only provided a fun, useful game, but helps the company engage with its users, new and old.


Don’t Miss Out On Your Perfect Home or Apartment

iphone_nearby[1][1] copy

In today’s competitive real estate market it’s crucial to be the first to know about new homes and apartments as soon as they come on the market. That’s why Trulia is now providing instant alerts of newly listed homes near your current location.

The nearby home alerts feature is available on both the iPhone and Android versions of the Trulia app, and will alert you of any new homes — either rentals or homes for sale, the choice is yours—listed in the last 24 hours. Because it is the only real estate app to offer this kind of functionality, it truly can help you stay ahead of the game.

With fully customizable settings, you can control your search radius, price range, and how often you want to be alerted. So whether you want to search within walking distance of work, or a few minutes drive from school, Trulia will keep you up to date and get you one step closer to finding your perfect place.

Search Filters


Get Some Of Your Sunday Back: Our Redesigned Apps Make it Easier Than Ever to Identify the Must-See Open Houses

We’ve all been there: you scan your phone throughout the weekend looking for open houses, only to be disappointed when you actually drive through one of the neighborhoods (this part of town doesn’t seem too safe) or notice that the home you’re in doesn’t quite look like the one you saw online or on your mobile app (the bedrooms are so small!). You aren’t alone. It’s a common problem that we at Trulia wanted to help solve. And that’s why we’re excited to announce the redesign of our iPhone and Android apps, just in time for the spring house hunting season.

According to NAR, the real estate information buyers find on their mobile devices is now just as important as visiting an actual open house. With the newly redesigned iPhone and Android apps, house hunters can get some of their Sundays back. Instead of schlepping through a slew of open homes that may or may not actually help with their search, home buyers will now get must-see properties – the best of the best – which means less time driving around in a car and more time working on an offer.

We believe our apps are now so visual and immersive; it’s almost like being at the open house without even leaving your couch. Everything you want and need for your house hunt is in one place:

  • With this mobile makeover, house hunters will get a comprehensive view of what a home and neighborhood are like with large, beautiful pictures and easy-to-navigate photo galleries.
The newly redesigned iPhone and Android app showing the full bleed images

The newly redesigned iPhone and Android app showing the full bleed images

  • Home buyers can also quickly identify local amenities and important neighborhood info like crime, schools, and average sales prices for nearby homes – data that can be hard to come by at an open house.
Heat map of crime on both iPhone and Android

Heat map of crime on both iPhone and Android

  • As you evaluate each home, you can save listings you love. This information allows us to recommend the right homes for buyers and sellers as they come onto the market.
Easily scroll through the homes that match your criteria

Easily scroll through the homes that match your criteria

Be sure to download or update the Trulia iPhone or Android app today, and look forward to a little extra free time this weekend.

The complete redesigned mobile features

The complete redesigned mobile features


New Trulia For Agents Mobile App Launches On iOS And Android

Trulia has released version 2.0 of its popular, free app for real estate agents on both iOS and Android. The Trulia for Agents App is one of the leading mobile apps built specifically for real estate agents, enabling them to convert more leads and better serve existing clients while they’re on-the-go.

Today’s upgrade features an all-new design that puts leads front and center. The new app includes improved navigation and search capabilities, as well as seamless access to helpful real estate news, coaching and tips from Trulia’s Pro Blog.


Agents everywhere love using the Trulia for Agents app. “I get outstanding leads from Trulia,” said Stacey Feltman of Ebby Halliday Realtors. “Trulia’s mobile app is great because it’s easy to use and it helps me manage leads and stay on top of my business no matter where I am. The entire system is the very best out there.”

As real estate agents know, quick responses to new leads greatly increase the chance of converting them into clients. Recent research proves it, indicating that responding to leads within minutes doubles the chance of conversion1. If agents respond to a lead within 5 minutes, they’re 100 times more likely to make contact with that lead than if responding in an hour2.


That’s why the Trulia for Agents App is designed first and foremost to help agents respond to quickly and manage leads from anywhere on their mobile device. As leads come in, alerts are pushed to the agent’s mobile phone, enabling them to respond immediately and make a connection to a new client. The app lets agents search and prioritize leads by centralizing all Trulia leads into one inbox. Each lead is than organized by conversation, providing context and easier access to a history of communication.

Agents can also easily access a list of personal contacts, browse Trulia’s Agent directory and search listings with Trulia’s advanced neighborhood information and map functionality. Agents can use Trulia for Agents to check-in to listings they tour and display these check-ins on their Trulia profile. It’s a great way for agents to demonstrate familiarity with specific properties and expertise in particular areas, creating opportunities to connect with prospective clients.

The free Trulia for Agents app version 2.0 is available today in Apple’s App Store and on Google Play.

  1. Research from Leads360, 2013
  2. Lead Response Study

New Find An Agent Directory Makes Life Easy For Consumers, Provides New Opportunities To Pros

It’s amazing to consider how much has changed in the last 20 years in the real estate industry. In the 1990’s most real estate search took place on newspapers and magazines.

An enterprising real estate searcher would use the Sunday paper classifieds, a landline telephone, a marker and a paper map to search for interesting properties and reach out to agents accordingly.

In retrospect it was a painful, time consuming process.

Finding a home today is an entirely different experience. Consumers use Trulia on the web and powerful mobile devices to gain insights not just on homes with color photos and stats but also neighborhoods with crime rates, average commutes, and amenities.

And with this engaged, consumer audience, Trulia also provides an ideal platform for real estate professionals to promote themselves and their listings to connect with new clients.

Technology has fundamentally changed the experience of searching for a home, but finding a real estate professional has remained primarily a referral process, with little insight into the actual expertise of the agent that helped sell your Mom’s home, for example.

The new find an agent directory from Trulia is improving the experience of searching for an agent, just as Trulia helped change the way people search for homes.

faa_landingFind an agent directory home page

The agent directory makes it easy to search for and find the right real estate agent with at-a-glance results and the option to filter searches based on relevant experience, local expertise, sales history, and client recommendations as well as see advice they have provided to other people within the Trulia Community.

For example, if you want to find an agent that both speaks French because your husband doesn’t speak much English, and has experience with single family homes in Palo Alto, you can use the property types, language and ZIP code filters to find the right match.


Find an agent filters are at the top of the page

For real estate professionals, the new directory provides agents with a place to easily connect with a large audience of qualified buyers and sellers who are seeking out the guidance of real estate professionals. Agents can differentiate themselves by showcasing their local expertise, demonstrating the number and location of homes sold and listings.

Even agent interactions on Trulia, such as providing advice to consumers in the Trulia Community are also searchable and view able in the new agent directory. In addition, agents can improve their ranking and visibility in the directory through a number of factors, such as responding quickly to leads and posting more sold homes and listings on Trulia.



Win a Visa Gift Card This Weekend with #TruliaOpenHouse Photos

You could just use your phone to find open houses this Nationwide Open House Weekend, but why stop there? You could use it to win an extra $50 – just by tweeting photos of any open houses you visit this weekend to #TruliaOpenHouse. Every photo you tweet gives you a chance to win one of five $50 Visa gift cards.

Entering to win is easy and takes seconds:

1. Visit any open house this weekend (April 19th – 21st)
2. Take a digital photo of the open house from the curb
3. Tweet the photo with #TruliaOpenHouse before Monday

For more details, check out our Official Rules.


Need to do any last minute planning? (It’s alright, we won’t tell.)

We’ve made it very easy to find open houses no matter where you are, with top-rated apps for your iPhone or Android phone, and online at Wherever your house hunt takes you, we’ve got you covered.

To get you going, check out these Quick Start guides for iPhone, Android and


Find Open Houses with Trulia for iPhone – free in the App Store


Find Open Houses with Trulia for Android – free in Google Play 


Find Open Houses on

Happy house hunting!



Trulia Refreshes Consumer Products Ahead of Red-Hot House Hunting Season

The weather is heating up, and so is the real estate market, with many people finally getting off the sidelines to buy or sell a home. Perfectly timed with the market resurgence, Trulia has completed a period of rapid innovation on a suite of tools for house hunters including refreshed apps, larger pictures on mobile and web, and more neighborhood insights.

New Market, New Tools!
Many people are looking at real estate for the first time in years, and since they bought their last home, the tools and resources available have drastically changed. Now, with Trulia’s revamped product suite, consumers have the best data and insights available at their fingertips to help navigate a hot housing market!

Let’s dig into the specifics!

While on the go, house hunters can aid their search with the newest features from Trulia Mobile:

  •  View screen-sized photos on mobile: Images have been optimized to be larger than life on a small screen.
  • Get better access to crime and local amenities: Trulia’s redesigned iPhone app makes it easier to find crime rates and local amenities like restaurants, banks, and grocery stores.
  • Color-code your mobile searches: Easily distinguish which new properties you’ve seen via color-coded markers: black represents new, unviewed homes, grey means you’ve already seen it.
  • House hunt in 3D with Trulia’s new Android Maps: Trulia Android apps now incorporate Google Maps 3D, which offers more detailed, realistic map imagery, including actual structures.
  • Find an agent on the go: Trulia’s iPhone and Android apps now enable prospective homebuyers to quickly find an agent in their search area with a single tap.

Trulia Mobile App Property Details Page

Trulia Mobile App Map Search

House hunters on can now boost their search with:

  • Big, beautiful photos: The new, photo-centric experience on our property pages features big images, a sleek user interface, and faster-loading times.
  • Recommended homes from Trulia Suggests: Trulia now offers a unique, personalized approach to real estate search with recommendations based on past search behavior and which properties consumers ‘like.’
  • Streamlined search results: Find the right property faster with a results page that’s less cluttered and easier to scan.
  • Home suggestions by email: New, targeted emails look at the preferences of millions of home shoppers like you to provide relevant home suggestions.

Trulia Search Result Page Refresh

Try It For Yourself!
To see how Trulia can help your house hunt and to experience the revamped products for yourself, visit or


Based on User Feedback, We Revamped Our iPhone App for an Even Better Experience

When we first launched our iPhone app in September 2008, we were excited to give consumers a new way to find homes to buy or rent while on the go. And throughout the years, we made many updates, incorporated new features, and expanded our mobile suite. We’ve gone from one iPhone app–simply dedicated to finding a home–to six different iOS apps for renters, agents, iPad owners, and two more strictly devoted to our mortgage tools. Today, we’re excited to announce that our original iPhone app has received a major overhaul.

Trulia Real Estate — Homes for Sale & Apartments for Rent was updated with our users in mind. We conducted in-person user research, then studied our other apps to identify the features that consumers engaged with most. From there, we incorporated the best of the best for a more intuitive, user friendly, beautiful iOS app.

The navigation has been completely updated with a Facebook-style menu that includes quick links to popular areas like homes for sale, homes for rent, open houses, my saves, and more.

The new features include:

? Color-coded markers to easily distinguish the newest properties on the market: Black represents new, unviewed homes, while a grey marker denotes that users have already seen a property.

Map view image

? School and amenity markers—which were previously only visible on property pages—are displayed right on the map results page, giving users more inside scoop upfront. This new feature can be utilized in both satellite and hybrid view.

Check out the nearby amenities

? Updated property pages which allow users to get the inside scoop on median prices and school ratings for any city.

Look at images of the house on the property page

You can download the new iPhone app here: User feedback is so important to us, so please let us know what you think of the app by emailing


Trulia Now Offers Personalized, Real-Time Mortgage Quotes with Trulia Mortgage Center

Today, we are excited to launch our newest product aimed at helping consumers tackle the number one obstacle to buying a home: getting a mortgage.

The Trulia Mortgage Center, simultaneously released online, along with free dedicated iPhone and iPad apps, delivers the inside scoop on financing rates for homebuyers and homeowners. By providing personalized mortgage quotes that are updated in real-time and presented with detailed information about each quote, this new mortgage marketplace aims to help consumers find the best financing deal. Additionally, the Trulia Mortgage Center comes complete with online educational guides to help people understand the real costs of homeownership, the basics of borrowing and what happens after you make an offer.

Trulia Mortgage Center offers:

  • Personalized Quotes: Input your property location, loan purpose, home price, down payment, credit score, and property type to get a custom mortgage quote that fits your needs. Sort by lowest fees, APR, rate or payment for a more customized search.
Trulia Mortgage Center Personalized Quotes
  • Real-Time Estimated Payments: Get rates that are updated in real-time for the most accurate estimated payment possible.
Trulia Mortgage Center Real-Time Payment Quotes
  • Connect with Lenders: Learn about and connect with lenders about a specific quote by sending a direct email right from the quote detail page.
Trulia Mortgage Center Connect With Lenders
  • Get Mortgage Questions Answered: The ‘Discussions’ board allows users to submit mortgage related questions to our Voices community to get input from local real estate professionals and experts.

Trulia’s Free Mortgage Apps For iPhone and iPad offer:

  • Affordability Calculator: Determine the home price you can afford easily, and see a visual breakdown of your monthly payment and total cost of ownership.
  Trulia Mortgage iPhone App Affordability Calculator
  • Quote Comparison: Get personalized quotes updated in real-time that you can sort by lowest fees, APR, rate or payment to find those just right for you.
Trulia Mortgage iPad App Quote Comparison
  • Connect with Lenders: Contact lenders directly from your mobile device to learn more about a specific quote.

We hope you enjoy the new Mortgage Center online and the dedicated apps. We are just getting started so keep an eye out for additional product enhancements in the future.

  • To learn more and check out the Trulia Mortgage Center, visit
  • To download the free Trulia Mortgage app for iPhone and iPad from the Apple App Store, click here.
  • To find out how you can advertise on the Trulia Mortgage Center, contact
  • To download screenshots of the Trulia Mortgage Center, click here.

Trulia Partners with Leading Rental Listings Providers in San Francisco

Trying to rent a place in San Francisco can be a daunting challenge. Not only does the city offer many different neighborhoods and amenities to consider, but the booming job market is fueling competition for apartments, which is pushing prices up. During the month of June, amongst the largest 25 metro areas in the country, San Francisco experienced the highest year-over-year increase in asking rent prices at 14.7%, making responding to listings quickly more important than ever.

In light of all this, we were excited to announce today, that both J.Wavro Associates and RentSFNow, will syndicate their San Francisco rental listings to Trulia, making a distinctive group of new properties available to Trulia users. This is just one example of the work that Trulia is doing with its partners in the real estate industry to present consumers with great listings around the country.

While the company is busy providing the best rental listings, it’s also been building mobile apps that empower consumers and take the friction out of apartment hunting. With Trulia’s mobile apps, consumers can personalize their search with specific apartment criteria and then receive notifications as soon as corresponding properties become available. In addition, listings are color-coded to show what that person has viewed previously, what they haven’t seen and perhaps most importantly, the most recent listings, to help them find and act upon rentals quickly.

Expect to see more activity from us, as we work to provide great rental listings and powerful tools for finding the right place to live.