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Trulia Launches New Map Visualizations to Show Rental Prices and Environmental Risks Across America

At Trulia, we use interactive map visualizations to present large amounts of information in an easy-to-understand format. Today, Trulia released interactive map visualizations that bring two distinct new categories of information that help to better inform house hunters.

The first new map is dedicated to rentals. Now, consumers can browse through color-coded neighborhoods and quickly focus their search on neighborhoods that meet their budget.


The second set of maps visualizes historical earthquake and flood data to depict environmental risk at a block-by-block level. Up until now, the risk of these events has traditionally been hard for home buyers, sellers, and renters to find. Now house hunters can use our maps to see flood zones and understand where earthquakes, for example are more common, in order to make informed decisions about where to move.



With today’s launch across Android mobile and web platforms, rental prices and environmental risks join Trulia’s robust suite of interactive visualizations, which already feature home values, crime, school rankings, commute times and local amenities such as banks, gas stations, restaurants and grocery stores.

Details of the New Trulia Map Visualizations

  • Rental Prices: The rental rate visualizations incorporate a year’s worth of data to show the average cost-per-bedroom at the neighborhood level. Deep reds indicate high-cost areas, and yellow and green designate more affordable neighborhoods.
  • Earthquakes: The earthquake map layer incorporates USGS and the California Geologic Survey data to show seismic hazard, also known as ground shaking potential. Blues and greens show low shaking potential and reds show high-potential areas.
  • Floods: Using FEMA data, Trulia’s flood hazard maps outline a community’s different flood risk areas, determined by topographic surveys and statistical data for river flow, storm tides, and rainfall. High risk areas are identified by dark blue shading and show the areas where there is at least a 1 in 4 chance of flooding during a 30-year mortgage. Light blue designates the lower-risk flood areas.

Trulia’s visualizations are accessible on the web by visiting Select a city and then utilize the menu on the left-hand side to see properties, home values, crimes, schools, commute times, amenities, rental rates and environmental risks of floods and earthquakes. On Android mobile, click on the layer icon in the upper right corner and select heat maps from the menu.



Trulia Updates Android App with More Interactive Google Map

At Trulia we’re all about giving our consumers the inside scoop on their home search. That’s why we’re incorporating the latest Google Maps Android API in our Android app to give users a more seamless experience when searching for a place to buy or rent on-the-go.

Starting tomorrow, Trulia’s free Android app for mobile and tablets will feature a more interactive map, powered by the new Google Maps Android API, allowing Trulia users to easily navigate 2D or 3D views to discover crime, school attendance zones, and nearby amenities like restaurants, gas stations, and grocery stores. This information provides users with the inside scoop and allows them to compare neighborhoods, while making their home search easy and fun.

Trulia’s Android apps provide home facts, listing details, and open house info for homes and rentals on the market across the US. Some of the key features include vivid photo slideshows, real-time notifications for saved homes and searches, and local neighborhood info to help consumers find the right place to live.

3D view showcasing homes for sale

In addition to the new Google Maps Android API, we’ve also added a mortgage center tool to help you easily determine whether you can afford the house you have your eye on. Key features include:

  • Personalized Loan Quotes – See personalized loan quotes from a number of real lenders, in real time
  • Quote Comparison – Easily sort your quotes by lowest fees, APR, rate, or payment to find ones just right for you
  • Affordability Calculator – Determine the home price you can afford and see a visual breakdown of your monthly and total payment
  • Connect with Lenders – Contact a lender directly from your Android device to learn more about a specific quote

Mobile devices are increasingly critical to home hunters and real estate professionals. We are the leading mobile platform for the home search process as 30% of Trulia’s traffic comes from mobile on an average week. According to our research, consumers using mobile devices are more likely to contact a real estate professional, and at times during the peak hours on the weekend (when most people are on-the-go visiting open houses) our mobile traffic surpasses online traffic.

The new upgrade comes just in time for the holidays, when people will be furiously downloading apps onto their new Android devices. If you’re shopping for an Android device for someone on your gift list, make sure you download Trulia’s Android app to help them with their 2013 home search. And as always, we value your feedback. Please email to let us know how much you love the app or if you have any questions.


Trulia Catches Olympics Fever

Starting July 26 and running throughout the 2012 London Olympics,  Trulia’s real estate Android app will be featured in AT&T’s ‘My Journey’ ad campaign — a short online/mobile film series that provides an inside look at the day-to-day lives of Team USA athletes since the 2008 Beijing Olympics as the film illustrates how they use different mobile apps in their daily lives.

Trulia has been included in the short film on track and field gold medalist, Allyson Felix, who hopes she can bring a gold medal back home as she searches for a new home. We hope so too — best of luck to you Allyson!

Check out the video below. You’ll see us at the 1:29 minute mark.


Trulia Brings the Heat With A Brand New App for Kindle Fire

Cristin Zweig, PR Manager
November 14, 2011

We couldn’t be more excited about the launch of one of the most buzzed about new products of the year – the Amazon Kindle Fire. When we first heard about the Kindle Fire, we knew we had to bring Trulia onto the Amazon platform. After weeks of hard work by our talented mobile engineering team, Trulia is excited to announce our new addition – a brand new app for the Kindle Fire called Trulia Real Estate HD.

Trulia’s new tablet app comes alive on the Kindle Fire’s vibrant color touchscreen and extra-wide viewing angle to give users an incredible search experience.

When you launch the Trulia Real Estate HD app on Kindle Fire, you’ll see a bold and beautiful home screen where you can begin your home search. The full-color tablet experience utilizes the entire screen to display helpful search filters and beautiful property photos, making searching for properties easy and efficient.

Here’s the rundown on the Trulia Real Estate HD App’s features:

  • Search Filter: Personalize your search from step one by setting filters and search parameters, guaranteeing that you only sort through properties that fit your needs.
  • Full-Screen Slideshows: Unique to the Kindle Fire, use photos gallery search to view big, beautiful property slideshows on the tablet’s entire screen.
  • Save Your Searches: Save your favorite properties and searches to your MyTrulia account, synced to and across all of your Trulia devices automatically.
  • More Information Instantly: Contact the listing agent to get more details or schedule a showing; Share good finds with friends and family.
Start your search on the big, bold home screen

Start your search on the big, beautiful home screen

PDP screen

See property details on the fullscreen view


See search results in a stunning list view


Filters help you find your best place to live

Trulia Real Estate HD is available now at the Amazon Appstore for Android here

See Trulia’s entire mobile app roster here

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