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Vanessa Villatoro, PR Specialist

Vanessa Villatoro, PR Specialist

Finding an Apartment on Trulia From 800 Miles Away

Computer science professional Devin knew he wanted to jump start his career somewhere other than his local town of Salt Lake City, UT. In search for bigger and better professional development, he turned to the tech hub that is California’s Bay Area. “I applied for jobs in various places and the most promising was in […]

From Renting in NYC to Buying in the Colorado Burbs

When your apartment walls suddenly start closing in on you, it might be time to start eyeing a home with more square footage. New York engaged couple Amanda and David got the wandering eye in the summer of 2012 when they realized they had grown out of their tiny Brooklyn rental. They saw a larger, […]

Moving From a City Bachelor Pad to a Suburban Family Home

Before Amanda and her fiancé John became husband and wife, the couple shared a condo in San Francisco, CA that John had purchased prior to the relationship. “It was a total bachelor pad. It has a mini fridge and a mini freezer!” said Amanda. After sticking it out for one too many years, Amanda decided […]

Trulia’s iPhone Rental App Helps Reunite a Long-Distance Husband and Wife

In today’s volatile job and housing markets, more and more Americans have found themselves forced to relocate to pursue new employment opportunities or seek lower cost of living. When a round of layoffs hit San Francisco Bay Area native Kari and her husband Shane, they knew they had to relocate for better job and housing […]

In Addition to Hiking and Traveling, Trulia Becomes One User’s Fun Leisurely Hobby

Ashley traveling in Venice, Italy. In 2010, Ashley and her partner bought their first house in Oakland, CA. As the two settled in and learned more about their community and surroundings, Ashley became fascinated with the Oakland real estate market. More and more she found herself continuing to browse through various listings on a daily basis. “We used when […]

Finding The Right Neighborhood with Trulia’s Interactive Maps

Matt had always viewed the house hunting process as  a hassle. A few years ago when his wife Amber mentioned they should start thinking about buying a home, Matt began to really feel overwhelmed. Not long thereafter, Matt found Trulia, right in time for his first home-search mission: finding the right neighborhood to raise his family. “My […]

Trulia’s Android App Helps Make One Couple’s Christmas Miracle

Holiday season is always one of the most stressful parts of the year. From battling shopping malls to fighting over parking spaces, house hunting is typically the last thing on someone’s mind. But for Nick and Meghan not even the holiday rush could stop their house hunt. Just a routine Christmas shopping day unexpectedly resulted […]

A Successful Cross-Country Move with Trulia’s Mobile App!

Finding a place to rent can be a challenge in and of itself, but finding a place to rent on the other side of the country is a whole different ball game. For Lauren, Trulia helped ease the pain. Lauren and her fiancé were living in Cincinnati but needed to find a place to live […]

Finding Your Dream Home When You Least Expect It

Marla and her husband weren’t really looking to buy a house. But Marla, as a Trulia user and fan, would browse through Trulia listings to see what was available in her area. “I’m always looking but not really looking. Some people like to read celebrity gossip, but my thing is to read my Trulia listing’s […]

Finding a New Home in the Bay Area Via a Mobile App

Vince had his sights set on buying a new house in the Bay Area – not an easy task, considering asking prices around the Bay Area rose substantially in December 2012 — but he was committed to his goal. An avid mobile user, Vince has iPhones, iPads, and Android devices galore – he even admitted […]