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Tara-Nicholle Nelson

Tara-Nicholle Nelson

Trulia’s In-House Demystifyer of All Things Real Estate

Tara is a real estate broker, attorney, author of two real estate guides for women, and a nationally syndicated real estate columnist. She’s also a farmer’s market addict, mom to two Chin/Pugs, and an Ashtanga yoga practitioner.

5 Traits to Look for in Your Agent

In this internet era, we’ve gotten to a place where we require all of our information in bite-sized, white-and-charcoal grey pieces. But when it comes to creating interpersonal and professional relationships that really work, lists of interview questions and “what to Google” articles can fall short of fully fleshing out the factors that make us […]

4 New Year’s Resolutions for 2014 Home Sellers

Some people like resolutions, others hate them. And according to one recent survey, as many as 80% of people who set them fail at them. But I’ve found that many people – maybe even most people – love a challenge. Getting your home sold is one of those experiences that ranks as a complex business […]

4 Methods for Your Mobile House Hunt Madness

Even if it took a few years to truly incorporate smartphone apps into your life, by now one thing is probably clear: there’s no going back. The uber convenience of instant information – anytime, anyplace, at your fingertips – is nothing short of addictive. I know one toddler who is frustrated that her television screen […]