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Heather Fernandez, VP of Agent Services

Heather Fernandez, VP of Agent Services

One of the early Trulians, Heather has been on board since 2006. She currently serves as Vice President of Agent Services. Previously, Heather served as Vice President of Marketing and was responsible for developing our marketing and communications strategy.

Boost Your Online Reputation with Sale Successes on Trulia

A strong online reputation is critical for an agent to succeed in today’s market. Trulia Agent Profiles have become a leading place for agents to build their reputation by adding client recommendations, posting home tours, and showcasing previously sold homes. Trulia offers many opportunities for agents to grow their online presence and become a local […]

Senate and House Approve Tax Credit Extension

Here are the details of the tax credit extension/expansion that the House and Senate have passed (HR 3548) First-timers: Extend the $8,000 homebuyer tax credit to contracts signed by April 30 and closed by June 30. Previously was set to expire after Nov. 30. First-time homebuyer is defined as someone who has not owned a […]

Tax Credit Update — is expanding it a good thing?

Looks like we have a NEW plan to consider on the extension of the home buyers’ tax credit.   (We talked about the old one yesterday).  Seems Baucus/Reid/Dodd/Isakson team has come to an agreement to merge their proposals into one.  Media outlets are all reporting different income limits, but this is what the Congressional Quarterly […]

Extend the home buyer tax credit

There are a number of strong opinions on the extension of the $8K first time home buyer tax credit. Ultimately, the debate is about whether or not it is creating long term value for the economy, versus a short term artificial prop up for home prices.  In my view, and the view of many on […]

$27.4 Billion Cut from Asking Prices Nationally

Every month at Trulia we run an analysis of price reductions for homes on the market to understand — have we seen the bottom?  Is it a good time to buy?  What does this mean for sellers?  Without further ado… Looking at all homes on the market as of June 1: $27.4 billion has been […]

Search for price reduced homes across the US on Trulia!

I’m a homebuyer — well, sort of.  I’ve seriously considering buying a home at least 3 times in the past 2 years (getting pre-approved once).  And now with a moderately more “affordable” San Francisco, you guessed it, we are seriously considering jumping back in.  Ron, watch out, we might be calling you (again) soon. Today […]

Obama speaks…again

This morning President Obama addressed the nation. And because my (not so) secret wish of becoming a DC journalist will never come to pass, I thought I’d re-post  highlights from one of my favorite political sites.  While it’s not all directly housing related, we know that stabilizing the economy is priority number one in getting […]

Mortgage rates going up/down… What’s going on?

This morning I saw a interesting status update on Facebook, by the ever opinionated and knowledgable Brian Brady. Here are snippets from various sources: Coming out of the two day policy meeting, the Fed is purchasing an additional $750 agency mortgage backed securities + $100 billion more for mortgage debt to help spur private credit […]

Foreclosures and unemployment up + a glimmer of hope

Today foreclosure site RealtyTrac released their February 2009 Foreclosure Market Report – read their announcement here. At a high level, they announced that foreclosure filings, which includes everything from default notices, to auction sale notices to bank repossessions, went up 6% month over month, and up 30% year over year.  Ouch. And all the meanwhile, […]

Obama Address to Congress

As the country feels the weight of the current economic crisis, President Obama worked tonight to inspire hope and instill confidence that we can turn the economy around.  In case you missed it, here is the full text of Obama’s speech. As the speech began, it was covered by many so I won’t rehash the […]