“We have found the perfect place for us, and can’t wait to make memories in it for the rest of our lives.”

Once Cailyn and her husband had their first child, they knew pretty quickly that they’d outgrown their small one-bedroom apartment in South Boston. After weighing their options, the duo decided that a longer commute from the suburbs, along with more space and a backyard for their son, would be worth the sacrifice, so they decided to look for a home 25 miles away in Bridgewater, MA. The original plan was to buy an empty lot where they could build their perfect home, but the couple soon realized that such an undertaking would be a much more difficult task than they first anticipated.

Cailyn reluctantly began looking at a few homes online, but it didn’t take long before she stumbled upon the “one.” After receiving a tip from her father who saw the house first on Trulia, Cailyn used “street view” to look at the entire neighborhood virtually, before she went and checked out the property in person. “Trulia’s street view feature saved me so many trips when searching for a home. I could see the entire neighborhood online, and if I didn’t love it, then I didn’t even bother with physically going to see the house. It was a real time saver,” Cailyn says, along with Trulia’s mobile app, which she also used while looking for homes on the go.

Armed with these terrific tools, Cailyn knew right away that the home she’d found would be a perfect place for her family. With a large backyard for her son and a garage for her husband, she felt certain almost instantly, but her other half took some more convincing – because the entire home was pink! That’s right. Both the interior and exterior were coated in pale pink paint, but Cailyn reminded her husband that all that it would take was a little elbow grease – and lots of paint brushes – for a complete cosmetic update. Once he could see past the color of the walls, Cailyn’s husband agreed that this was their dream home.

Life away from the hustle and bustle of the city took some getting used to – the family missed being within walking distance of downtown’s action – but the benefits of moving to the suburbs greatly outweighed any of the disadvantages. For one, they were able to rescue unused furniture that didn’t fit in their city apartment from storage. They also no longer had to worry about the stressful parking situation that came with downtown living. But perhaps the biggest advantage of moving to the suburbs is the ability for Cailyn’s son to run around without her having to worry. He can ride his bike outside without the fear of dangerous city traffic, and he has plenty of grass to run around in. “Moving to the suburbs was definitely worth it, and we are extremely happy here,” Cailyn says. “I’m just so glad my son has a yard to play in.” She and her husband both agree that all of their previous homes were perfect for the different stages in their lives, but they couldn’t be any happier with where they are now.

There were several features that the family wanted in a new home that their previous homes didn’t have: a dining room to entertain guests, a deck, more storage, and more bathrooms. All of those wishes were granted, and Cailyn discovered even more features that came with their new house that they didn’t even know they wanted, like a workout room! “I am most excited about all of the features we got with the house. I love gardening, and now I’m able to do that in my own backyard. We also love to cook and our big kitchen makes it so much easier. We have a playroom for our son and an additional exercise room, which we obviously only dreamed about while living in the city,” Cailyn adds.

Although the house still needs some updating (mostly in the kitchen and bathrooms), it’s truly the home of their dreams, and Trulia helped them find it. “I don’t think we’ll ever leave,” Cailyn says. “We have found the perfect place for us, and can’t wait to make memories in it for the rest of our lives.”