Today, we announced Trulia Suggests—a personalized, photo-centric way to discover homes you might like. Trulia Suggests considers what homes you do and don’t like, as well as the property preferences of users similar to you, to suggest other homes you might find appealing. You can continually improve your suggestions by liking and following homes you like, or hiding homes you don’t.

Think about it: you get suggestions for movies, books, and music online. But when it comes to the largest purchase of your life, there’s no technology that makes personalized recommendations. Our Data Science team applied machine-learning and smart algorithms to this problem, and as a result, flipped the home search experience on its head.

Instead of using filters that may unnecessarily limit your search, we look at your property preferences in the context of Trulia’s 31 million unique monthly users. Then, billions of user actions are applied to algorithmic groupings of millions of properties to best predict which homes you’ll like. And the more you interact with homes on Trulia, the better your suggestions will be.

If the technology sounds complicated, well, that’s because it is. But the beauty of Trulia Suggests is that for you, the user, the experience couldn’t be simpler—or more fun:

  • To get started, we’ll show you a list of homes; you pick the one that is the closest match for you.
  • Next, ‘like’ 5 properties, and we’ll provide your first round of suggestions. (You can skip these steps if you’ve already liked 5 properties)
  • Once you’ve liked five homes, our proprietary algorithm works its magic to produce your first round of suggestions.

Like and follow the homes you love and hide homes you don’t, and we’ll refine your suggestions as you go.  It just takes a minute to get started, but you may find yourself gawking at your home suggestions all day.

See what Trulia Suggests for you.