On Monday, Trulia hosted the second session of our two-day Data Visualization Workshop for Journalists in our San Francisco office — an event that we co-hosted with Fast Company’s Co.Design, O’Reilly Media and Hacks/Hackers to support the White House’s Safety Data Initiative. Fast Company hosted the NYC workshop that same day, a few hours earlier.

The focus of this week’s session was on data visualization tools to help journalists tell stories with data — TileMill, Adobe Illustrator and Google Refine. Introducing and demoing each tool were Nathaniel Kelso, Design Technologist at Stamen Design and Chief Cartographer at NaturalEarthData.com, Joe Golike, Design Technologist at Trulia, and Kai Chang, Visualization Engineer at Boundary and organizer of the Bay Area D3 User Group.

Here are the clips on each of their presentations:

Nathaniel Kelso on TileMill

Joe Golike on Adobe Illustrator

Kai Chang on Google Refine