Luxe Living

Here at Trulia, we’re obsessed with beautiful homes and we believe that a life of luxury is best when lived. And it’s no surprise that some of the most beautiful homes on the planet are owned (and subsequently sold) by A-List celebrities. The homes are often so spectacular, you can’t help but gawk. If you’re not in the .0001% of people who can afford a home in a glitzy zip code, never fear. We’ve got you covered. We’ll bring you inside the abodes of your favorite stars so you don’t have to risk that restraining order.

We’d like for you to consider Luxe Living as your virtual guide to celebrity, athlete and luxury homes. Whether you’re buying from an A-lister, or you’re just a real estate and luxury property voyeur, this is the place to virtually gaze at the homes of the rich and famous

On the new blog, we’ve started you out with a star-studded map of Los Angeles, a market on fire with celebrity home sales. Malibu and Beverly Hills are the hotbeds of the rich and famous and where you’ll see a majority of celebs listing and buying homes. Poke around the map, and then peak into the homes of your favorite stars.

This is the first of many exciting and entertaining posts and maps that bring you all the juicy details on Hollywood homes and luxury real estate. Bookmark us, add us to your RSS feed, or do whatever you have to do to make sure you’re connected to Luxe Living to get the inside scoop.