Instant Leads

Today, Trulia announced the launch of Instant Leads, a new Twilio-powered functionality that allows agents to instantly connect to home buyers and sellers using their mobile phones while they’re on-the-go.

Trulia Instant Leads provides instant lead notification to real estate professionals, either via SMS or a live call, helping agents connect with more potential clients and drive more transactions. If the lead provides a phone number, the agent receives an automatic call from Trulia, connecting both parties live on a call. If the lead does not provide a phone number, or the agent cannot answer the phone at the time, the agent receives a SMS text message with the consumer’s contact information for follow-up.

With Trulia Instant Leads, agents have an opportunity for first mover’s advantage in responding to leads, increasing their chances of converting those leads into clients. Consumers often submit multiple inquiries while they’re performing an online search for properties, which makes a quick response time the single most important opportunity for agents to earn the consumer’s business. Instant Leads allows agents to catch the consumer at the peak of interest—while they’re still searching online and near a phone.

“Using Twilio, we’ve built what we believe to be a one-of-a-kind powerful service that gives agents the opportunity to respond quickly to consumer’s inquiries, meet more clients and close more transactions,” said Georg Gerstenfeld, VP of Business Services at Trulia. “Twilio’s technology has allowed Trulia to create instant connections between consumers and real estate professionals. When consumers get a quick response, it allows agents to build more relationships with potential clients.”

Trulia Instant Leads is currently provided with every Trulia Pro subscription. Click here to learn more about Instant Leads.