Location, Location, Location – it’s all about Location. But sometimes the best location might not be the safest. Now, your house or rental search for the perfect place with the safest neighborhood just got a whole lot easier with Trulia’s brand new Crime Maps!

Trulia Crime Map

Crime Maps helps people view, explore, compare, interact and comment on crime data across the U.S. – here’s the low-down:

  • Crime Maps leverages geodata from multiple partners, including CrimeReports.com, EveryBlock.com and SpotCrime.com, who work with hundreds of police agencies, crime feeds and news outlets to create a curated map of criminal activity in many metropolitan areas.
  • Users can view crimes in a specific area, toggle between multiple neighborhoods, and directly compare the crime statistics of two different regions.
  • Trulia also enables users to add insights, comments, and advice via Facebook’s Social Comments for additional context and information on top of the geodata.

Crime Map - Commenting Page

In the past, simple-to-decipher crime reports haven’t been readily accessible (or easy to read!) and Trulia aims to bring this important crime data to the surface at an important moment – when people are deciding where they should live. The maps are live and currently available in 50 counties, and we have plans to quickly expand nationwide.

Check out your current neighborhood, the one you grew up in, or the one you hope to move into one day. And as always, we adore your feedback so leave it in the comments.

Want to see how everything works? Here’s a video demo that will walk you through on how everything works.