Today, we released the latest results of an ongoing survey about American attitudes toward foreclosed homes that we’ve been teaming up with RealtyTrac on since 2008. Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot about falling home values and the flood of foreclosures that are still on the market.

Given these market factors, we wanted to see how they might have impacted how people feel about the housing recovery. Interestingly, what we found in our survey, is that more half of Americans adults believe recovery in the housing market will not happen until 2014 or later. In a previous survey conducted six months ago , 42% thought the market would turn around by 2012 or had already turned around. Now, only 23 percent continue to think this will happen.

To see the full findings, check out this slide show:

Trulia Foreclosure Survey – May 2011
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[UPDATE]: Pete Flint, CEO of Trulia, and Rick Sharga, SVP of RealtyTrac, discussed the results of our consumer survey on American attitudes toward foreclosures during our semi-annual industry conference call on May 18, 2011. See below to listen to a recording of today’s discussion.

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