We know that when home buyers and sellers search for real estate online, they want to see as many listing photos and maps as they can to get a realistic view of each property and the surrounding neighborhood.  With that in mind, we’re thrilled to be one of three companies providing users with a new aerial perspective by integrating Google’s new API with high-resolution overhead imagery.  Bottom line: not only is it a super high quality image but it’s also a useful tool that gives a better glimpse into what the area around a home looks like.  We’ve placed this new view below the existing Google StreetView to give a more contextual view of each listing.  Check out how it looks in this San Jose listing:

Trulia perspective view

This is a brand-spanking new Google Maps product.  So new, in fact, that it’s currently only available in two cities: San Jose and San Diego.  You can learn more about Google’s new aerial perspective here. Happy house hunting!