Ok. I admit it. I am a big fan of ABC’S The Bachelor & The Bachelorette. I’m an even bigger fan this season because the show has a “Realtor” in the mix. Philadelphia Prudential Fox and Roach Realtor® Reid Rosenthal from The Rosenthal Group is in the final group of bachelors vowing for that final rose from Jillian HarrisThe Bachelorette.


Yesterday, I had the opportunity to talk to Reid on the phone about his real estate business and his experience on the Bachelorette.

Here are some highlights from our conversation:

Rudy: How did you get into real estate?

Reid: I was born into the business. My parents, Rhonda and Larry, have been in real estate for over 20 years and are still active and very productive. Together, our company, The Rosenthal Group is in the Prudential Top 100 nationwide.

Rudy: How many team members do you have in the Rosenthal Group?

Reid: We have 7 people on the team and work very closely together

Rudy: I hear you have an extensive marketing plan for your clients? Tell us about that.

Reid: We do everything. Traditional and non-traditional marketing including blogging, social networking, email blasts, postcards and Craigslist. We go the extra mile for our clients.

Rudy: Ok, let’s get into it now. How did you end up on the Bachelorette?

Reid: Well, I was on floor time in the office and one of the women I work with told me about the show and really wanted me to submit an application. She got a picture of me and blurb and sent it to the show. I didn’t think about much after that. Soon, I started getting calls like crazy from the producers. They liked my profile and really wanted me on the show. We had a few back and forth talks. With 2 days left before the start of filming, I signed the contract and made it on the show just in time.

Rudy: While you were filming, how did you family, company and clients handle you being away?

Reid: My mom and dad did a great job covering for me and I was lucky to have a great team, friends  and clients who supported me. The timing of the show couldn’t of happened at a better time. The market was dead due to traditional seasonality so it was in a work sense, a perfect time to take advantage of this opportunity to find love.

Rudy: How long were you gone?

Reid: Nice try Rudy. What I can say is that the show shot from approx March 23rd to the end of May. Sorry, but due to my contract, I can’t share any more details here :)

Rudy: Ok, I totally understand. Since you’ve been back, has the show gotten you and your company more business or recognition.

Reid: Oh absolutely. Again, it was the slow season when I left to do the show and now it’s the high season so to be fair it could be a combination of the show and season. However, people definitely recognize me more – everywhere I go. I tend to work more with buyers now whereas before it was more balanced – 50/50% for buyers and sellers. Traffic is up 3x on our site too which is great. I should be getting a couple more listings this week and have a number of active buyers I’m working with.

Rudy: Has social media/ social networking helped your business?

Reid: Yes! I’ve definitely gotten some business from social networking. Facebook was awesome for me before the show but I’ve since had to stop my ad campaigns there – again, due to my contractual obligations. I plan on being more active on social networks in the future including Trulia.

Rudy: Do you watch the show now?

Reid: Yes. It was very weird at first seeing myself on TV and hearing my voice but I got used to it. Even weirder was seeing myself and others kissing Jillian knowing how many people were watching. Strange. Weird. But I’m over it now :)

Rudy: Ok, so everyone wants to know, did you and Jillian live happilly ever after?

Reid: Um, I can’t get into that.

Thanks Reid for your time. You rock! I hope you were the last bachelor standing. See you on Trulia and #IRL soon :)

Did you watch Reid and Jillian on their last date on The Bachelor? – Aren’t they perfect for each other? So what do you think, will they end up together?