There’s a New Mayor in Town

Commercial real estate broker and political newcomer Joe Adame defeated incumbent Henry Garrett to become the first Hispanic Mayor of Corpus Christi, Texas. Wow! As a life long resident of Corpus Christi, Adame and local residents felt it was time their city was ready for a change. They had some common goals to unite the people of the community where they can work together in harmony and get things done.

According to, “Adame was encouraged to run for office by a group of his employees at his real estate firm, Joe Adame & Associates, after he became frustrated with years of sluggish city growth. He said during the campaign he felt inspired by younger residents involved in his bid for office and at peace with his decision to run.”

According to KRIS 6, “”They’re ready for business people to get involved [and ] make this a business-friendly community. [We need to] live up to the potential we have. So, I am ever so grateful. I give all the credit to the Lord. I’m excited about that opportunity to get involved and make things happen,” Adame said.”


Adame used his real life social network and sphere of influence to build a team of supporters and volunteers that helped him win. He also used Web 2.0 social networking communities to expand his reach such as Youtube, MySpace and Facebook. Congrats to Joe and the residents of Corpus Christi for bringing the community together. Best of luck to you all.