Trying to Find a Real Estate Pro?

Are you a home buyer or home seller looking for a local real estate agent to help you buy or sell a home? Maybe you’re looking for a mortgage broker to help you get Pre-qualified for a mortgage. Today we announce some new Find a Pro functionality that will make finding a real estate professional on Trulia much easier.

Currently, we have over 350,000 real estate agents in our directory. We also have numerous other professionals such as brokers, lenders, appraisers, stagers, and more. These are the early stages of the directory and we look forward to seeing it grow in the months ahead.

Step 1. Visit the Trulia Voices Home Page and Click “Members”


Step 2. Click “Find a Real Estate Pro”


Step 3. You’ll See our new Real Estate Professional Search Directory

Trulia Real Estate Directoty

Step 3. You can enter your Location such as “New York, NY”, leave everything else default, click search and see all the pro’s we have in New York, NY


Or, for example, you can fine tune your search and Select only members who have classified themselves as “Brokers”


And get these New York, NY Broker results:


Looking for a Real Estate Agents in New York, NY who have experience with Co-op’s? Just enter the information as seen below and then click “Search”


To make sure we match you with the best person, you are able to sort the results by:

1. Best match: Prioritizes professionals with complete profiles, and high quality contributions on Trulia Voices

2. Most activity: Prioritizes the Trulia Voices enthousiasts who spend days and nights spreading their knowledge and offering advice to consumers in need (available on march 19th)

3. Featured: Prioritizes the professionals who are Trulia Pro subscribers and among other benefits they have ‘special’ promotion on their listings

Search by Type and Most Popular City

We’ve also prominently highlighted the both the Types of real estate professionals we have and the Most Popular Cities where are professionals are located.


But wait, there’s more. We’ve also highlighted the Top Contributors of the Week to give home buyers and home sellers a better idea of who has been the most active on Trulia. Additionally, we wanted to showcase our great community members prominently and thank them for their participation in the community. It’s great way for both consumers and for our professional members to meet.

Want to see which community members have been the Most Active of All Time on Trulia?

Here’s a sneak peek at the Top 5:


We at Trulia love seeing consumers and professionals connect. Consumers are not only looking for a home and information about real estate but in many instances, a real estate professional who can help them every step of the way. Home buyers and sellers ask questions on Trulia because they want a direct answer. From feedback we received, it’s pretty clear that consumers are looking for a local neighborhood expert who they Trust.

Consumers are Reading Your Trulia Real Estate Resume

When a real estate agent or other real estate professional creates their profile on Trulia, they’re essentially creating their Real Estate Resume. It’s so important to all the pro’s reading this to make sure that you complete all the fields of your profile as you wouldn’t go into a job interview with a piece of paper that only had your name and contact information on it. That just wouldn’t help you land that dream job you’ve been searching for. The same holds true for your Trulia profile – please give consumers all the pertinent information about yourself as you can so they can make better informed decisions when picking their next real estate pro to work with.

Cool new Feature: We highlight your contributions within search – It’s an easy way for a consumer to see who’s been active in a variety of ways on Trulia. See Arn Cenedella’s Trulia Real Estate Resume


Tip: Get Proactive – Every question you ask and answer and blog post you write on Trulia Voices appears on your profile. This creates a central repository of information and highlights your knowledge in one central location. Beleive me, consumers do read your questions, answers and blogs. So make sure to join the conversation within the community.

Find a Pro Your Way

As you can see, there are a wide variety of ways you can search for a real estate professional on Trulia.  The goal of the directory is to help you more easily find a real estate professional based on your wants and needs. So try different searches for the qualities you are looking for in your next real estate agent or mortgage broker.

Good luck to all!