Trulia Pro is our premium real estate agent product that allows agents to maximize their exposure on Trulia.

Now that you’re a Trulia Pro, it’s time to learn how to make the most of it.

1. Unlimited Featured Listings – If you have active real estate listings, you can feature all of them so they appear prominently in matching search results on Trulia. This will increase the traffic to you and your clients listings on Trulia approximately 4-7 times


Strategy: When meeting with a home seller during a home listing presentation, make sure to highlight that you are a Trulia Pro who will provide their home 4-7 times more exposure for their home  – a great selling point.

2. Custom Spotlight Ad – You get to create a custom Spotlight Ad which is like a Billboard Ad on the highway. This custom ad can be changed on the fly and an unlimited amount of times. You can place it in 20 unique locations on Trulia based on the specific geography you choose such as City and State, Zip Code or even down to the Neighborhood level.

Strategy: A. Create a unique eye catching Trulia Spotlight Ad – You only get a short window to get someones attention. The headline is the most important part of your ad. Some of the greatest results we’ve found is when agents promote their Listing or Open House.

If you just listed the home, use something like “Just Listed in SOHO” or “Open House 12-2pm Today”


If you’re a Buyers Agent, you could create an ad that says you’re the local buyers agent specialist – “Laguna Beach Buyers Agent” The key is to try different copy to see what works for you.


B. Search all of the Cities, Zip codes and Neighborhoods in your primary geographic area of expertise  on Trulia to see who already is a Trulia Pro. Check the featured listings and the Spotlight ads in the right rail/sidebar. If no one appears in either of the two allocated spotlight ads as seen below, it’s a great opportunity for you to get maximum exposure as the only person in that market. Then, select those top 5 locations/markets to showcase your spotlight ad.


C. Do you work with Relo’s or commuters? If so, use your Spotlight Ad to target these specific home buyers or sellers. If you’re home buyers are relocating from Los Angeles, California to Austin, Texas, you may want to place your ad in Los Angeles. Or if you’re home selling market is Hoboken, New Jeresey, you can target home buyers in Manhattan who may be looking to get more home for their dollar by commuting to work in NYC. Place your Spotlight Ad in strategic Zip codes and Neighborhoods in Manhattan. Some Westchester agents from Houlihan Lawerence are using this very strategy for their market….Can you find them in Manhattan?


3. Spotlight Stats Track and Measure – Once you have selected the top locations in your area, you can now start to track and measure the results of your campaign across all the locations you have selected.


Strategy: Eliminate the locations that are not producing. Through trial and error, you should be able to narrow down the markets that produce results for your ads.

4. Personalized Client Listing Report – Each Trulia Pro can send their clients a personalized listing report for their listing showing how many clicks and views it has had on Trulia during the week and overall since it’s been on Trulia.


Strategy: Make sure you highlight this to your potential sellers and current seller clients. It’s a great way to keep them in the loop about how their home is doing doing on Trulia.

5. Select the Source of your Listing – Finally, as a Trulia Pro, if you have listings on Trulia, now you can select the destination URL of where we point consumers to – e.g. your listing on your broker site, your blog site, your personal website etc…. So if we receive your listing from multiple sources, now you choose and have control where the consumer will be directed. Sol, one of our fantastic Customer Service reps has a great post on it here called Real Estate Agents – Change the linked web site for your listings on Trulia

A. Select Change link on your listing


B. Choose the source


There you have it. We hope these strategies will help you become a better Trulia Pro.

If you have any tips or strategies that have worked for you, we’d love to hear about them.