If you think you’re the only one having hard time selling, think again. Even celebrities with multi-million dollar pads are struggling to sell their homes in today’s market. Marvelous mansions with remodeled kitchens, sprawling gardens and tennis courts just aren’t receiving any bites. So what are celebrities doing to add some appeal? Simple, reduce the price.    
Much like the cherry on a sundae, nothing tops off a great pad more than reducing it by a few thousand – if not millions – of dollars.  Here are three celebs who’ve reduced their prices on Trulia in hopes of snagging a buyer.  
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Britney Spears’ daddy slashes price on estate
Britney Spears Although Britney Spears has regained her pop-star status, it’s not helping the sale of her home. Her Italian Renaissance inspired pad boasts artisan quality finishes and old world craftsmanship encompassing a wet bar and maids quarters. After multiple re-listings, her daddy has reduced the price from $7.9M to $7.2M.
Richard Dreyfuss takes a loss on his San Diego pad
Richard Dreyfuss Even celebrities have to take a hit sometimes.  Actor Richard Dreyfuss slashed the price on his pad even after spending $300K in upgrades, in addition to the existing Juliet balcony and stone reflection pool. Dreyfuss sold it for $1.03M after buying it for $1.25M just 2 years ago.
Sex advice author Laura Corn reduces home value 16%
Laura Corn Getting little traction from buyers, Laura Corn, sex advice columnist and author of “101 Sexy Dares,” has reduced the asking price of her Malibu estate.  The gated ocean-view home boasts great views and can accommodate large groups with six bedrooms and seven and half baths.
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Check out Trulia’s price maps for Phoenix and Pittsburg to see who comes out on top.
Phoenix home prices map ' Pittsburg home prices map

Phoenix, AZ

Pittsburgh, PA
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