Looking more closely at our 2008 traffic trends, we’ve found some pretty cool things.  Something that’s really stood out to the team is the amount of traffic coming to Trulia.com from international IP addresses.  People from more than 200 countries used Trulia in 2008 – pretty remarkable considering our focus on the US market.

We dug a little deeper to see where these international buyers are searching for homes.  Looking at the number of property views from international users per city, here are the top 5 locations and the percent of property views from international visitors in 2008 (ranked by total number of views):

  • New York – 12.5%
  • Los Angeles – 11%
  • Miami – 16.5 %
  • San Francisco – 8.5%
  • Chicago – 5%

A few slight changes since our look at international visitors in September.  San Francisco and Las Vegas have switched places in terms of volume of international visits, as Las Vegas is now ranked 6th.

Where are these visitors coming from?  Primarily the UK, Canada, France, Australia, Germany, India and Italy, with the top 5 countries representing about 3% of all international traffic.  There are some definite differences of where international buyers search for homes.  For example, the charts for New York and Miami tell pretty different stories.  New York looks like a hotspot for mostly UK buyers, whereas Miami attracts mostly Canadian buyers (perhaps looking for better weather?).

Miami NY

Now it’s time to see what international traffic 2009 will bring!