both.jpg This weeks most viewed Trulia Voices post was asked by Amy Hickman, a home buyer and home seller from Woodstock, Georgia: Should I use the same agent to sell my home and be my buyer’s agent for my new one?

Amy has a “certain amount” of equity in the home she wants to sell and thought of going FSBO in order to save commission but has learned that she has many other options that real estate agents can help her with. With over 35 comments, lets check out a snippet of what our community had to say.

Thoughts From our Trulia Voices Real Estate Community

Karen and Warren Owen are real estate agents RE/MAX Communities  in Marietta, Georgia who said, “This is not an uncommon practice and many agents offer similar arrangements. But start with your goal in mind and hire the most aggressive and competent Realtor you can find.”

Solomon Greene, a real estate agent from Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Partners in Atlanta, Georgia said, “You’ll want to give some thought to your destination. How familiar is your listing agent with your destination area? If the agent offers little experience there, it may present a challenge for you all. However, that agent can also refer you to an agent that offers more familiarity with the area for a referral fee…….”

Brad Nix, a real estate Broker from Maxsell Real Estate in Cherokee County, Georgia said, “Yes, assuming you are moving within the same general area you are selling. Many agents offer discounts as you mentioned.”

Real estate agent Hank Miller from Prudential GA Realty in Atlanta, Georgia says, “It’s a common event to use an agent to cover both sides – but understand that the key to success is a thorough vetting of any agent. You should conduct interviews of several agents and agents from different companies. The initial challenge will be getting your home sold in this market – that will come from a comprehensive and multi-leveled marketing plan lead by and agent skilled in the SELLING process; many agents jumped in during the big rush and have no idea how to work a “real” market.”

David Feldstein is a real estate agent from Exit Kingdom Realty in Forest Hills, New York who said, ” I think you really need to look at both of the transactions differently. You should not try to package both of them with related commission structures… You should use the same agent if you feel comfortable doing so. Interview the agent who is selling your home on their skills as a selling agent… Ask questions about past sales, marketing methods, and so on…. The commission in my opinion should be the last thing you discuss…”

 My Thoughts

I think the Trulia Voices community has a pulse on this subject and encourage you to read the other comments on the thread. Personally, I think it really depends on numerous factors. But all things being equal, if your agent is the local expert in the area you are both buying and selling in and you have a solid trustworthy relationship, then I think it’s a great idea to have your agent be there for you for both transactions.