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On August 25th, we released our Trulia iPhone app.  Consumers and agents are starting to get more mobile everyday. We knew they wanted the ability to search for homes and open houses conveniently from the palm of their hands and at their leisure. The response, feedback and adoption of the Trulia iPhone app by consumers and agents has been amazing thus far. To date, our application has been downloaded more than 70,000 times. Whoa!

As more consumers get mobile, agents and brokers will now have a new way to reach them and interact with them directly via our app. Plus, upcoming versions of the app will add more usability and functionality to the user experience. It’s a great reason to make sure your listings and open houses are active on Trulia. Are yours?

A few days ago, Ted Mackel – aka –@realtorted, a Realtor® and blogger from Home Buys Blog, sent me a message on Twitter that a home buyer found his open house via our iPhone app. I’m waiting to hear back from Ted to see if that home buyer and their agent made an offer…Check out the conversation below.

Trulia iPhone app @realtorted

Seth Agranov@MemphisSeth, a real estate technologist and blogger at 5’oclock Memphis said:


  Tyler Wood@tylerwood – Realtor® and blogger from The Big Bear Real Estate Skinny said:



Some consumer Twitter posts about our app:

Henrik Gehrmann – @g1011010 said:


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Here’s some more feedback from Real Estate Agent bloggers using the app:

Derec Shuler  from the Shuler Group wrote a blog post titled –Power in the Palm of your Hand – where he said, “The iPhone and Trulia application combine these features and users can now have the Trulia application show them homes on their iPhone based on where they’re currently located using the GPS technology, and even according to a search criteria, like 2 bedrooms under $400,000.  Consumers now have access to property information in the palm of their hand and know where to find homes in an area they want to be in! ”

Martin Bouma from The Bouma Group wrote a blog post titled – Are Real Estate Agents being help to a Higher Standard? – and said, “By uploading our Ann Arbor listings to Trulia, our featured properties are “exposed” to a whole new set of potential buyers who search for homes via their iPhones.”

Mary Ann Knell from The Knell Group  wrote a post titled- Marketing to a New Type of Peoria Home Buyer – where she said, “Leaving nothing to chance, your Peoria home is featured on numerous nationally syndicated websites. One of those websites (Trulia) also uploads your Peoria home to a powerful iPhone APP. The image below is an good example of the new iPhone Trulia property search application.  Everyday more Peoria tech-savvy home buying consumers are hitting the streets armed with their iPhone and smart young home buyers are using it to possibly locate their next Peoria home.”

It’s great hearing open house feedback like this from consumers and agents in the field. If you have any stories, experiences, comments or feedback on our Trulia iPhone application, we’d love to hear it. You can email me directly at rudy at trulia dot com or tweet me @trulia.

Many thanks to the 70,000 people who downloaded our app and to all those who have provided us with valuable feedback!