Here at Trulia, we are obsessed with real estate. And communities. And data.

So questions like, “What does the community look like, if we were to display it on a map?” “What does it look like on paper?” are super intriguing to us… Similar projects have been attempted in other vertical spaces, but only limited work has been done around real estate communities so far.

So what’s the best incentive to keep our top tech talent happy while playing with large volume data and extracting interesting innovative graphical representations? A cool map perhaps?

Here is a example: A Map of Trulia’s Top Voices for San Francisco:


Each point represents a community member, and connections among members are answers to questions.

In a similar trait to other communities, San Francisco top voices highlights a small number of “top contributors”. These are the most active members of the community, with deep local knowledge and a commitment to the growth of the community.

The chart also shows many other, somewhat less active contributors, who are just warming up to the site and have contributed few answers or questions.

Not displayed on the map are the thousands of registered users who benefit from the community by being on site, learning and studying market trends and data, and gaining local market knowledge.

Thanks to Edouard for the data and chart.

Did you find this interesting? If so, please let us know what City to chart next.