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We’re big on feedback. And after hearing from a growing number of agents about wanting more advertising opportunities on Trulia, we knew we had to create something that would help agents more effectively reach local buyers and sellers in their area. That’s why we’re pretty pumped about our new agent advertising product, Trulia Pro a premium service that allows you to cost-effectively promote both your personal brand and your listings to a highly targeted, local audience on Trulia. You can find out more here, but in summary:

  • Unlimited featured listings
  • Unlimited local spotlight ads
  • Fixed rate pricing.

Trulia Pro is a premium extension of Trulia’s existing agent marketing tools. Helping you get the most from Trulia Voices, our free online network that helps agents to connect directly with buyers and sellers in their area, Trulia Pro advertisers can link their Local Spotlight Ad directly to their Trulia Voices Profile. And while marketing your listings on Trulia is free, Trulia Pro will place your listings at the top of relevant results – just where it matters most.

There are lots of reasons to sign up for Trulia Pro today, and one of them is the benefit of being an early adopter. There’s no cost per click and we don’t cap impressions – it’s just a flat monthly rate. Local ads are rotated with each search, allowing the market to set the value of an impression. The simplicity for advertisers hides the complexity in our unique local ad targeting system. That means that if you’re the first Trulia Pro in your local area your ad will be seen during EVERY SEARCH – with 5 million users visiting every month, that’s HUGE value.

And if that’s not enough incentive to sign up for Trulia Pro, get ready for this! We know that there are a bunch of online advertising options out there, and we’re not asking you to give them up and only use Trulia Pro, but we are asking you to try it out. That’s why we’re offering 3 months of free Trulia Pro advertising to any agent that is currently advertising – in any capacity – online. Just send us proof of your ad, and get an automatic 25% rebate on an annual subscription. This offer ends at the end of July, so click here now to sign up!

To find out more about how Trulia Pro works, please visit here.