Are you using snail mail when marketing to your social media networking contacts? I think the majority of you would say – Heck no! I certainly don’t. With email, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc., I didn’t think there was really a reason too use snail mail anymore. Then I received a real, honest to goodness, “snail mail” letter with a real stamp on it from Ken Stampe, pun intended, a Mortgage Retail Sales Manager for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage from Plano, Texas. Ok, so what’s the big deal Rudy?

ken stampe is a retail sales manager for wells fargo home mortgageWell, you see, I met Ken last month at a bar in Phoenix, Arizona after attending the Unchained real estate marketing event. We struck up a conversation about real estate, marketing, social networks, yada, yada, yada. Ironically, some of our most interesting conversations had nothing to do with real estate at all. But I digress. We had both seen each other, i.e. our avatars, in the real estate blogosphere before but never really connected. How unsocial is that? Yeah, I know, shame on me. It took a real life face to face meeting for us to connect.

So when I found a letter from my new friend in the mail, my eyes lit up. A letter? For me? From someone I met through real estate networking in the blogosphere? Get out of town. I was so impressed by the gesture and the content of the letter that I told everyone at the office about the gesture. Let’s just say there were a few oooh’s and ahhhhh’s. Nevertheless, they were just as impressed as I was.

Being so used to communicating using Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and oh, how could I forget, email, I had forgotten the meaning and power a personal letter can have when sent via snail mail. For me, there’s just something about holding the message in your hand that makes it more special. I think I will take the time, when I actually find a moment and reciprocate. Even better, I may even send some of you a real letter or card via snail mail just to say hello. Who knows, maybe this will start some crazy real estate snail mail trend, sort of like a Secret Santa. Now that would truly be fun :)

So, are any of your using snail mail to communicate with the people you meet or have met while networking online? If so, how did the recipients react? Did they return the favor? Inquiring minds want to know….

Thanks for leaving a lasting impression on me Ken!


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